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  • Remote access to LMCB analysis computers
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We are currently using the software NoMachine to remotely access analysis PCs because it permits the use of software protected by USB licence dongles (e.g. Zeiss Zen, Nikon NIS-Elements).

Booking is compulsory

You must book the computer for all the time you need to use, whether you are using the machine remotely or not. If you are using the computer and someone else has booked it for that time, then they can log you out and start their session, so please make sure you book sufficient time. If you think you're going to go over the time you've booked then either book some more time or alert the following user; they may allow you to continue.

You must be connected to the LMCB network to access the analysis PCs. If you are not directly plugged into a network socket you will need to connect to the LMCB VPN. You will need the IP address and login details of the computer you want to use. Please use the emails below to ask for the details of the respective computers.




Deep Thought, Orac, Zen

Andrew Vaughan


Beast, Son of Beast

Jemima Burden


Install NoMachine and create a new connection

  1. Download NoMachine from the following website and install it on your computer: https://www.nomachine.com/
  2. Open NoMachine and click Continue
  3. Click the New button to create a new connection
  4. Select the NX protocol and click Continue
  5. Type the computer’s IP address in the Host field
  6. Choose Password authentication
  7. Don’t use a Proxy
  8. Give the connection a memorable name and click Done
  9. The connection icon will be in Recent Connections each time you open NoMachine
  10. Double-click the icon for your connection or click the Connect button
  11. Type in the username and password for the computer

Alternative: Remote Desktop Protocol

You can also use Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to access some analysis computers remotely from your desk or from home if you use VPN. Please visit the link below for instructions on how to connect from Macs and PCs both within the LMCB network and from outside the network using VPN. You will only be able to access the page if you are LMCB staff. Anyone who is not LMCB staff should email me for instructions on how to connect.

Link to Remote Working instructions

Please note that the licences for some of the software on the computers will not allow you to work over an RDP connection. In particular, Nikon NIS-Elements will not work and Carl Zeiss Zen will only launch in the Zen Lite mode, so most advanced analysis features will not be available.

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