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General Information

Zen is a Windows 7 64-bit image HP Z840 PC with dual Intel XEON CPU E5-2623 v3 3 GHz processors (4 cores 8 logical processors), 64 GB RAM and an NVidia Radeon Quadro K2200 1 GB VRAM graphics card. This computer is mainly used for offline analysis of data from the Carl Zeiss Elyra super-resolution microscope. There is  a full copy of Carl Zeiss's Zen software installed (both Black and Blue editions) with modules for processing PALM, dSTORM and SIM data.

Software on Zen

Carl Zeiss Zen

Zen is currently running Zen 2012 Sp2 version The copy on this machine is an offline licence linked to the Elyra. It has analysis modules relevant to that machine. The most important being probably: PALM analysis, PALM 3D analysis and SIM processing. It is also able to perform linear unmixing of spectral imaging data from Zeiss confocal microscopes.

If you need to process Airyscan, FRAP and FCS data from the Multiphoton microscope the modules for that are only on the Deep Thought analysis computer; not on Zen.

(error) Microsoft Remote Desktop incompatible. If you launch Zen through RDP then it will open only the Lite version and the advanced analysis tools will not be available

Free analysis software and browsers

SlideBook Reader 6.0.4

Offline software for 3i spinning disc confocal microscope.

(tick) Microsoft Remote Desktop compatible

Fiji (ImageJ)

(tick) Microsoft Remote Desktop compatible

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