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Lecturecast August 2017

This task is typically performed be Moodle Course Administrators or Tutors at the beginning of academic sessions,
but can be done at any time as required.

When accessing a Lecturecast section via a Moodle course, by default, the Lecturecast screen is displayed within
the Moodle screen. This limits the display area, particularly for those viewing videos and other content on laptops
or other devices with smaller screens.


This task describes the steps required to display the Lecturecast screen in a new window.

1. Access the course overview page

In this case, click the course code to access the Moodle course overview page.

2. Turn Editing On

From the course overview page, click the 'Turn editing on' button to access the edit options.

3. Select the 'Edit' option for the link to the Lecturecast section

4. Then select the 'Edit Settings' option

5. Access more settings

Click 'Show more' to display more settings.

6. Select the required 'Launch container' option

Click the drop down arrow.

7. Select the relevant option

In this example, the 'New window' option is selected.

Default: to display the Lecturecast screen within the Moodle window
New window: to open the Lecturecast screen in a new window

8. Scroll to the bottom of the page

9. Save your changes

Select the 'Save and return to course' button.

10. View the Lecturecast screen in a new window

Select the activity hyperlink to access the Lecturecast section.

The Lecturecast section is displayed in a new window

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  1. Please could you put a short description of the various options available at the top of this page, and give guidance about what each on of them will do on various devices?  Is there any difference between Embed, Embed without Blocks, and Default, for example?

    1. Hi Matt,

      Thank you for your feedback. Moodle provides the following information about the different options available for the display settings. We recommend using the 'Default' setting or opening content in a 'New Window'. If you would like to use any of the other options, you would need to test them on your devices to ensure content is displayed correctly.