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Lecturecast September 2018

This task is typically performed by Course Administrators and Tutors when scheduling two (2) or more Lecturecast recordings.


This task describes the steps required to create schedules for two (2) or more Lecturecast recordings.

It involves:

  1. Searching for events
  2. Creating schedules for multiple events

You cannot edit schedule details, e.g. image capture, title, auto-availability for multiple events.

If you need to edit the schedule for an individual event refer to the Create and Edit an Individual Schedule training guide.

1. Search for events

Events will be available in the Lecturecast Scheduler when a room booking has been made and confirmed in CMIS
in a Lecturecast enabled teaching space.

If a room booking in CMIS is for an event > 4 hours duration, the event record in the Lecturecast Scheduler will be highlighted
in red and the status will be 'nonbookable'. To schedule recordings for these events you will need to contact lecturecast@ucl.ac.uk

1.1 Select the search type 

In this example, select the search type: Department/Module Code.

1.2 Enter your search parameters

In this example, enter a module code and then click the 'Search' button to view all events for that module code.

1.3 Search results are displayed in the 'Events' tab

Events up to 3 months in advance are displayed for the module code.

If you cannot find an event in the Lecturecast Scheduler corresponding to your CMIS room booking check your
CMIS booking has been made in a Lecturecast enabled teaching space.

1.4 Select the 'UnScheduled Events' tab

You can only create schedules for events with STATUS: ‘UNSCHEDULED’.

Select the ‘Unscheduled Events’ tab to view all unscheduled events and access actions relevant to creating schedules.

2. Create schedules for multiple events

2.1 Select all the events you need to schedule

Select multiple individual events to schedule or use the ‘Select All’ button to select all events in the list.

2.2 Select the options for your recordings

Use the check boxes to select/deselect the capture and auto available options as required. These settings are applied
to all schedules created.

'Auto Available' relates to whether or not the recording is made available for students to view immediately.

Individual schedules can be edited after they have been created, if required.

2.3 Create schedules for the selected events

Click the 'Create Schedule' button.

2.4 Acknowledge the confirmation

Click the 'OK' button.

 The number of requests processed should reflect the number of events scheduled.

2.5 Select the ‘Scheduled Events’ tab


Click the 'Scheduled Events' tab to view all scheduled events. Use the filters to easily find the events you just scheduled.

If you need to edit individual event schedules, refer to the Create and Edit an Individual Schedule training guide.

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