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Lecturecast January 2020

This task is typically performed by Moodle Course Administrators or Tutors at the beginning of academic sessions,
but can be done at any time, as required.


This task is required so users can access relevant Lecturecast content directly from a Moodle course.

It is important that once the activity link is set up, other course tutors or admins, needing instructor rights to the section, click on this new activity link  - this first click-through registers them as a Lecturecast section instructor for that section.

It involves:

1. Adding a Lecturecast activity to your Moodle course
2. Connecting the activity to a Lecturecast section

This short video demonstrates the activities outlined below:

1. Add a Lecturecast activity to a Moodle course

1.1 Navigate to the Moodle course

In this example, 'Course A' will be linked to a Lecturecast section.

Click on the course hyperlink to display the course details.

1.2 Turn Editing On

Click the 'Turn editing on' button.

1.3 Add an activity

Click on the 'Add an activity or resource' hyperlink to add an activity to the Moodle course.

1.4 Select the Lecturecast activity

Items are listed alphabetically. Select the Lecturecast activity.

1.5 Add the activity to the Moodle course

Click the 'Add' button.

1.6 Enter a meaningful name for the activity

Enter an 'Activity name'. The name should be relevant to the Lecturecast section content it is linking to. Enter a
meaningful name so that it can be easily identified by students and other users.

You can change the Lecturecast display settings from this screen via Show more > Launch container. Refer to the
Change Lecturecast Display Settings training guide for more information.

1.7 Save the new activity

Click on the 'Save and return to course' button.

2. Connect the activity to a Lecturecast section

2.1 Select the activity

Click the activity hyperlink to create the link to the mapped Lecturecast section.

2.2 Enter the details of the Lecturecast section

2.2.1 Select the term.

2.2.2 Select the course.

2.2.3 Select the section .You can only map to an existing section, these will be displayed for the selected term.

Select 'Link to the Section Home' to link to the list of recordings for the course, then click the 'LINK CONTENT' button.

To link to a specific recording rather than the list of recordings, select  the option to 'Link to a Classroom', where you are

prompted to select a specific date and time, then click the ' LINK CONTENT' button.

The link is created and the activity within the Moodle course can now be used to access
the relevant Lecturecast section

Students and other users with access to the specific Moodle course can now use the link created to access the relevant
Lecturecast section and content.

If no recordings have been scheduled or published from Universal Capture Personal, the page will appear blank as above.

When an event has been recorded or published, you should check to make sure that it is available to students.

Repeat the process to link additional Lecturecast sections to your Moodle course.

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