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Lecturecast October 2017

This training guide describes the basic steps required to create a recording using the PCAP software.

It involves:

1. Selecting inputs for recording

2. Selecting the output quality for recording

3. Recording captures

(warning) Always run a test capture first to be sure it will work.

Firstly, open the application and log in as per the Logging in to PCAP training guide.

Known issue: Problem with capture preview for Lecturecast Personal Capture (PCAP) for Mac High Sierra users [Mac OS 10.13]

Issue: The capture preview appears to jump around between frames.  The completed capture is however fine. 

Advice: Mac PCAP users can still complete personal captures on High Sierra by starting the capture normally even though the preview does not display properly.

Echo (Lecturecast service providers)  are working on a new capture application that will resolve the issue  and they hope to have a beta application available for users in early 2018.

1. Select inputs for your recording


Use the drop down lists to the left of the preview screen to select the inputs you want to use. You can record up to three
inputs, one of which must be audio.

2. Select the output quality for your recording

Use this selection to determine the resolution of the video and display outputs of the capture, which in turn determines the
size of the recording files captured.

The input and output selections you make are retained, even after you close the program. This means you can configure
these settings once and use the same ones each time you create a recording.

For more information about inputs and outputs refer to Lecturecast Online Help - Configure Input and Output

3. Recording captures

Before you start recording:

  • Enter a title for your recording in the title bar.
  • Set up the presentation and/or visual items you are planning to capture.
  • Clear your desktop of any files/applications you are not going to show during your recording to achieve a smooth
    and uncluttered presentation of materials.
  • Ensure the 'Auto-publish' checkbox is unchecked. This will give you the opportunity to edit your recording before
    it is published.

3.1 Click the 'Record' button to start your recording.

3.2 Once your recording has started:

  • Click the 'Pause' button (Alt+F5) to pause the recording during the capture.
  • Click the 'Stop' button (Alt+F6) when you have finished recording. The recording appears in the list of recordings
    at the bottom of the screen.

(warning) Recordings must be at least 15 seconds in duration.

Refer to the Lecturecast Online Help - Recording Captures for more detailed instructions.

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