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This training guide describes the basic steps required to create a recording using the Universal Capture software.

It involves:

(warning) Always run a test capture first to be sure it will work.

Firstly, open the application and log in as per the Logging in to Universal Capture training guide.

1. Open the your Capture Details editor

Universal Capture Pencil Icon to enter capture properties

Click on the pencil icon to edit the 'Capture Details'.

1.1. Edit the Capture details

Universal Capture edit capture properties

Enter a title, description and tags (key words to aid in searching) associated with your Capture.

1.2 Select a location to Publish the recording

Universal Capture choose section drop down

Choose to publish to a section on a Moodle course or to your 'Personal library' within Echo360. For more guidance, please refer to Publish content from your 'My Content' area within Echo360.

1.3. Save Capture Details

Universal Capture edit save button

Click on  'Save' button to save changes. 

2. Select inputs for your recording within Echo360.

Universal Capture choose screen input

Use the drop down lists to the top centre and right of the preview screen to select the inputs you want to use. You can record up to three
inputs, one of which must be audio.

3. Recording captures

Before you start recording:

  • Enter a title for your recording in the title bar (step 1 above).
  • Set up the presentation and/or visual items you are planning to capture.
  • Clear your desktop of any files/applications you are not going to show during your recording to achieve a smooth
    and uncluttered presentation of materials.

Universal Capture record button

3.1 Click the 'Record' button to start your recording.

3.2 Once your recording has started:

  • Click the 'Pause' button to pause the recording during the capture.
  • Click the 'Stop' button when you have finished recording. The recording appears in the list of recordings
    at the bottom of the screen.

3.3 When you have stopped your recording, you MUST wait until the "Uploading in Progress" has finished, BEFORE closing the
application. Long recordings may take several minutes to process.

3.4 Click on the close button to return to the Universal Capture application to start a new Recording. 

4. Edit a Capture

To Edit a Universal Capture recording, please visit the Lecturecast Guides on how to 'Edit a Capture'.

5. Publish Content

To publish your Universal Capture content, please refer to the the Lecturecast training guides 'Publish content'.

6. Echo360 Online Help - Start a Recording with Universal Capture for more detailed instructions.

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