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This guide sits alongside the UCL Data Protection Policy and the UCL General Student Privacy Notice.

Our aim is be completely transparent about all aspects of our use of data analytics.

We want you to understand exactly what data is being collected, how it is being processed and what we will be doing with the information. This document provides these details, and will be updated as our use of data analytics develops.

What data is being collected by Lecturecast?

The following data is being used for Lecturecast data analytics, in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998, and more specifically in accordance with the Data Protection Principles and the UCL Data Protection Policy:

  • Background information: your name, identifiers used by Moodle
  • Details about your course: the modules you are taking, and your tutors
  • Details of your activity in Lecturecast: logins, resources viewed, use of Classroom Tools (Notes, flags, bookmarks and Q&A).

How will the Lecturecast Data Analytics be used?

Tutors will be able to access data analytics about their courses at both class and individual student levels.

Overall "Engagement" scores for classes and students are obtained by combining six different metrics. The weightings assigned to each of these metrics can be adjusted by individual tutors.
These metrics are:

AttendanceWhether or not the student accesses the specific class section DURING the time it is scheduled. Students can access the section to take notes view presentation material or take part in class activities and Q&A if activated.
Video ViewsThe number of times students have viewed 5% or more of the class video.
Presentation ViewsThe number of times students have viewed 5% or more of the class presentation (with at least 5 seconds on each slide).
Q&A / QuestionsThe number of questions and responses posted by students, either in total for the section or viewable by class. It does not take into account Instructor-posted questions or responses.
NotesThe number of words entered by students into the Notes panel and/or Study Guide for the section or class.
ActivitiesWhether or not students are answering the interactive questions/slides posted in class presentations. There are two parts to this metric: Activity participation, and Activity correct.

For more detailed information about these metrics access Lecturecast Online Help: Engagement and Analytics Metrics

UCL does not have a definition or policy relating to "Engagement", likewise attendance with regards to Lecturecast is not associated with UCL's attendance policy. These data will therefore not be used with regards to Personal Tutor interventions or any of the academic regulations, policies and procedures applicable to all UCL taught and research students (UCL Academic Manual).  However, these metrics will be used by tutors to better understand how you are interacting with the recordings. This will help aid future lecture delivery and help identify any areas of misunderstanding, enabling opportunities for clarification and support for learning.

Is my personal information safe and secure?

Your data is subject to strict security procedures in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Only those members of staff who are tutors on your Moodle courses will be able to access data about your Lecturecast usage, they will only be able to see data relating to the course on which they are a tutor. Your Personal Tutor will only be able to view data about your usage of Lecturecast if they are also a tutor on your Moodle courses.

You have the right to request access to personal data about you processed by UCL at any time. Click here to access more information about how to submit a request.

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