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Universal capture software is available for all Lecturecast Instructors/Tutors to download. The software is available for PC and Mac users.

(warning) We recommend full end-to-end testing including recording, editing, and publishing to ensure your particular set-up is working as expected. End-to-end testing is the responsibility of the user/local IT and is not centrally supported.

1.  Enabling access to the Lecturecast section

Before you start, you must check you have access to the right Moodle page and Lecturecast section, to publish your recordings. 

You will need to be enrolled on the Moodle page as either a Tutor or Course Administrator. 

Open the Lecturecast activity, or if one has not yet been created, follow the guide to Create a link to a Lecturecast section.

Click on the Echo360 logo, top right of the page

This will open the Lecturecast ALP interface and add the section to your 'Courses' area

Once you have checked you have access, you can proceed.

2. Download the software

a) Managed Desktop users

For users of the UCL Managed Desktop Service this software is available to be installed directly from the software centre on the device.

Instructions for installing applications in this way can be found on the Desktop at UCL webpages

Echo360 is not on my.desktop.ucl.ac.uk (Desktop@UCL Anywhere) for technical reasons and must be downloaded on your unmanaged machines in these instances.

b) Direct download from Echo360

If you have a Mac or administrative rights on your PC,  log into Lecturecast via Moodle using the method described above or by direct log-in . To log-in directly go to echo360.org.uk - use your UCL email address for the first part of the login - select University College London when asked to choose an institution and your UCL username and password on the single sign-on page that follows. 

Find the Settings icon, top right

Click on the 'Settings' icon located at the top right hand side of the screen and select the 'Downloads' option.

2.1 Select the relevant download option

Universal Capture Mac or Windows download installation file

Select the download that is compatible with your device and follow the prompts to download and install the software.

2.2. Installation is complete

Universal Capture login page

The Universal Capture Personal software is installed on your device. 

If the application does not automatically open,  use  ‘Search’ on a Windows PC or 'Finder' on a Mac to find and open it.

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