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At UCL most portico registered teaching modules  have an EchoCenter page on which all recordings associated with the module in a given academic year are listed. Placing a link to this EchoCenter page for your module within its associated Moodle course is the most straightforward way of ensuring your students have access to the recordings that you've made available. The URL for a given EchoCenter page may be found by logging into https://lecturecast.ucl.ac.uk. Once you're logged in you will see recordings that you are associated with as an instructor (if your only association with a module is as a presenter you will not see the recordings).

Clicking on the title of any recording will open a page showing more details - near the top of the page you will see a URL for the individual recording (this is sometimes used to display just one recording). Below the recording's individual URL is the URL for EchoCenter page - placing this URL within a Moodle course is the most common way of giving students access to a given module's recordings.


EchoCenter (shown below) is a convenient, intuitive dashboard that you can use to:

  • Access materials. All materials (Echoes, media imports, and Personal Capture recordings) are grouped together by date and lecture.
  • Access Lecture Tools to prepare and publish activities, polls, and quizzes for use in classroom lectures (if Lecture Tools has been integrated with EchoSystem).
  • Guide student discussions. You can introduce a topic at the right teaching moment. See Discussions - What Did Students Learn
  • Gain insight  into student learning. See Teaching Aids - What Did Students WatchYou can learn:
    • What Echoes students watched and how closely they watched
    • What was interesting, confusing, or notable
    • What they ignored
    • What they absorbed

This overview suggests some ways you can use the EchoCenter. You can also delegate some tasks to your Teaching Assistant (TA).

Click for larger image.

Do You Have All the Features?

When the EchoSystem requires a login to authenticate users, you see an EchoCenter page that has panes for course statistics, discussions (called "Recent Activity"), and additional information for each Echo. There may also be links to the Lecturetools system allowing you create polling (aka voting) questions or quizzes for use during class (NB not currently implemented at UCL) . The page looks something like the figure shown above.
When the EchoSystem is not authenticating users, you still see an EchoCenter page, but it is missing the valuable teaching aids. It looks similar to the figure below:

EchoCenter for Students

Your students also have an EchoCenter page, but they do not see the teaching aids you see. They use the page to:

  • Access a Live webcast
  • Access a particular Echo, media import, or Personal Capture recording
  • Review discussions and participate in them
  • Access any lectures where Lecture Tools polls or questions have been added. Students MUST access the EchoPlayer through the EchoCenter to see these items.
  • See the course bookmarks they have added to particular Echoes

The student EchoCenter page looks similar to the figure below:

Click for larger image.

Trouble Logging In

In certain rare circumstances you will find that you cannot log in to an EchoCenter page, although you were able to at other times. Please contact E-Learning Environments for assistance.

Learn More

See these pages for further details:

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