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Lecturecast August 2018

Lecturecast ALP contains basic video editing functionality which can be used by Instructors to make cuts and trims to video content.

The term 'capture' is used throughout Lecturecast ALP to describe a video recording.

This training guide describes the basic steps required to edit a Lecturecast capture. It involves:

  1. Finding the video you want to edit
  2. Editing the video

It is good practice to edit a recording before it is made available for students to view.

1. Find the video you want to edit

You can edit videos that have been captured via the Lecturecast Scheduler and published to a class, or captured via another source
e.g. Personal Capture and are located in your Library.

1.1 Locate a video in a class

Videos created via the Lecturecast Scheduler are located in the relevant class. 

Click the 'Courses option in the task bar and select the relevant course.

Click on the video icon of the video you want to edit.

Select the 'Edit video' option from the drop down list to open the video in the editor window.

Continue to step 2.

1.2 Locate a video in your Library

Videos created using the Personal Capture application or other sources are located in your Library. 

Click the 'Library' option in the task bar to access videos in your Library.

Select the 'Edit video' option form the drop down list to open the video in the editor window.

Continue to step 2.

2. Edit a video

2.1 Editing a video consists of the following:

1. Use the playback controls to find specific locations

2. Use the 'MAKE CUT' button to mark the location

3. Select a segment between the cut marks, or between one end of the video and a cut mark, and use the 'DELETE/REVERT'
button (depending on status) to make the change to the video

Repeat these steps as needed to delete segments and/or revert deleted segments.

2.2 Complete your editing

Use the buttons at the top of the editor window to process the video with your changes.

RESTORE: Reverts all changes ever made to the video and restores the original video file. This option is only active
if you edit a video which has been edited in Lecturecast ALP previously.

SAVE: Applies the changes made to this video. Grey segments are deleted and blue segments are retained. The edited
version replaces the original version in all locations.

SAVE AS: Create a copy of the video with your edits.

2.3 Exit the editor window

To exit without making or saving any changes, click the back arrow in the top left corner of the editor window.

A video demonstrating the Lecturecast editing tools.

Editing functionality is described in more detail on the Lecturecast Online Help: Editing videos

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