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The following page contains a list of Known issues in Lecturecast. These issues are being looked into by the relevant technical team and we hope to have them resolved as soon as possible. We have suggested temporary workarounds where possible.


1. Scheduled events becoming automatically unscheduled

Some events scheduled for recording are being unscheduled by automatic processes to update event details, but are not being rescheduled as expected, and so do not record. This is our highest priority to fix, and is expected imminently, but needs coordinating with other technical teams and substantial testing to ensure no further disruption.


Staff will need to check that their events are still scheduled as expected on the day of the recording. We understand that this is less than ideal, and are hoping to have a fix in early November. 

2. Mac HDCP Issue with Echo POD/PRO not recording screen

Newer Mac computers have HDCP enabled. The Echo360 POD/PRO cannot record HDCP-restricted content. In some cases, instructors attempt to play HD content that is restricted by HDCP on the Mac, causing the display feed to be blank, to appear as disconnected, or to record/return very low-quality resolution.


We recommend that Staff use the PC within the teaching space. Alternatively staff are advised to use the VGA adapter to HDMI.

2. Users becoming Inactive on Lecturecast (September 2019)

Some users are becoming inactive on lecturecast - however this occurs when you change role at UCL.


There is no current workaround however the digi ed team will reactivate the account once a ticket is raised.

4. Recording stopping part way through an event

As part of the issues listed on this page, updates to events are sometimes meaning that the Scheduler is attempting to update schedules for recordings, even if these are already underway. This is triggering an end to the recording and resulting in only a partial capture of the event.


There is no current workaround for this but this is a high priority for a fix. 

5. Changes to location for an event not being updated in Lecturecast

In some instances a change in event location is not being recognised and updated by the Scheduler. This seems to be due to a delay in the transmission of data between CMIS and the Lecturecast Scheduler and further investigation and a fix is pending. 


There is no current workaround for this but this is a high priority for a fix. 

6. Changes to events (date/time) not being updated in Lecturecast

In some instances a change in event date and or time is not being recognised by the Lecturecast Scheduler. Initial investigation suggests that this is due to a change in how events are being handled in CMIS/Timetabling and requires close collaboration to establish new logic for transfer of data between systems. 


There is no current workaround for this but is is expected to have a fix in early November.


1. Capture preview for Lecturecast Personal Capture (PCAP) for Mac High Sierra users [Mac OS 10.13]

The capture preview appears to jump around between frames.  The completed capture is however fine. 


Mac PCAP users can still complete personal captures on High Sierra by starting the capture normally even though the preview does not display properly. Echo (Lecturecast service providers)  are working on a new capture application that will resolve the issue  and they hope to have a beta application available for users in early 2018.

2. Large volume of notification emails

Some staff received a large volume of email notifications from the Scheduler - which was both alarming and annoying. This was due to a change in the underlying logic which meant that any time a change was made to associated modules information, an email was sent, despite there being no change to scheduling. 


Notification emails have temporarily been disabled while this is investigated. 

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