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Lecturecast offers capabilities that go beyond the simple recording of lectures. The system provides a learning platform that allows staff to engage with students and enhance the learning experience.

Basic Functionality

  • Schedule lecture recordings and share recordings with students.
  • Upload and share video content recorded elsewhere.
  • Upload most commonly used file types e.g. PDF's, PPT's to share with students. An exhaustive list of file formats accepted is available.
  • Select whether to allow students to download content to store on their personal devices (optional and determined by the instructor)
  • Search, organise and manage the availability of content on a course.
  • Create a recording by capturing the audio and screen display (including webcams) on a personal computer using Personal Capture. The recordings can then be shared on Moodle in a similar way as the scheduled recordings.
  • Create interactive presentations within Lecturecast that include a variety of question types e.g. multiple choice questions, short answer questions that can be presented 'live' or made accessible before or after the class. Activity scores are stored and can be exported into Moodle.

Student Engagement

  • Instructors can create interactive slides in multiple choice, ranking and short answer format, and display the responses.
  • Flags let students mark locations and material that they find confusing or items the lecturer may need to explain further to the class. Flagged content will be displayed on the
    Instructors dashboard indicating that there may be areas students need further clarification on. 
  • Bookmarks let students mark locations in presentations or videos so they can find them quickly and easily.
  • Instructors and students can ask and respond to questions. Any questions posted can generate multiple responses, generating discussions about the class material.
    If a post references a point in the video or a particular slide, that visual cue also appears with the question.
  • Students can take notes while viewing content. Notes will be saved within the system and can be download if required.


  • Lecturecast includes reporting /engagement analytics. Reports can be downloaded as a .csv or .exe file for further analysis.


Detailed information about all the above can be found within the Lecturecast Online Help (vendor help pages).

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