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(Please note this page will be continuously updated as new questions are received)


Why is the Lecturecast Service being upgraded?

The software underpinning the current Lecturecast service has almost reached the end of its life. To ensure continued support and development of the service, UCL needs to move to the latest version.


What changes will occur and how will they impact me? 

The new Lecturecast service will consist of new infrastructure and new user interfaces. A new tool (replacing the booking form/s) will be introduced as well as some new classroom features and functionality. The basic recording functionality will remain the same. The Digital Education Team will work with their academic colleagures over the next 12 months to ensure full use of the new classroom functionality.


Why can't I create recordings between 7th and 28th of August?

The platform configuration, device migration, Moodle integration and new booking process require significant work to complete which cannot be done with the old Lecturecast system actively recording material. The work required will be carried out over the 3-week period defined above. This summer period has been selected to cause the minimal impact to users of Lecturecast and to those using the teaching spaces.

Access to material already recorded will not be interrupted during this period.


What will happen to my existing content?

No Lecturecast archive will take place this year 2017. The deletion of content from October 2017 of content older than 2 years in the archive section will proceed as normal.

The old Lecturecast system (Lecturecast Legacy) will be maintained for at least 1 more academic year in a read-only mode. This will enable you to continue to share any content you have on the old system  as well as move material to the new Lecturecast system. More information on how to migrate content from the old Lecturecast system is available on the Lecturecast Resource Centre Lecturecast Legacy pages.


Who can I contact if I have any questions about the Lecturecast Project?

Please email digi-ed@ucl.ac.uk and the email will be passed to one of the project team.

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