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The Lecturecast Scheduler tool is typically used by Course Administrators and Tutors to schedule Lecturecast recordings
for a specific lecture or series of lectures.

Events will be available in the Lecturecast Scheduler for CMIS room bookings which have been confirmed in Lecturecast
enabled teaching spaces.

  • Schedules can be created up to 3 months in advance.
  • Modular events can be live streamed. 
  • Schedules can be created for individual events or in bulk.
  • Schedules can only be created for events with a status of 'unscheduled'.
  • You can only delete a schedule that you created.

If a room booking in CMIS is for an event > 4 hours duration, the event record in the Lecturecast Scheduler will be highlighted
in red and the status will be 'nonbookable'. For these events, amend the event in CMIS so that it is 240 mins or less. This
may require breaking the single room booking into multiple bookings.

Please note that making Lecturecast recordings available is a two step process:

  1. Schedule the recording via the Lecturecast Scheduler
  2. Make the recording available via Moodle

The training guides in this section provide step-by-step instructions for using the Lecturcast Scheduler.

Where images and instruction in these training guides and videos refer to a 'Completed Events' tab, this is the same as the
'Captured Events' tab in the live Lecturecast Scheduler system.

Training guides

  1. Learning the Basics
  2. Create and Edit an Individual Schedule
  3. Create Bulk Schedules
  4. Delete a Schedule
  5. Non-Modular Events

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