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The Lecturecast system consists of a number of different system roles. When using Lecturecast the 'Instructor' role relates to both Tutors and Course Administrators. 

The diagram below provides an overview of the different system components, roles and capabilities.


WhoUses ... To ...
Course AdministratorMoodleLink Moodle courses to Lecturecast sections, typically done at the start of session
InstructorLecturecast SchedulerSchedule video recordings in Lecturecast enabled teaching spaces
InstructorActive Learning Platform (ALP)

Create additional classroom materials e.g. presentations, handouts, media, Personal Capture videos for use
in the classroom

Edit, publish and share classroom materials

InstructorActive Learning Platform via Moodle

Edit classroom materials and make materials available for students to view

View class analytics

StudentActive Learning Platform via MoodleView classroom materials, add notes, participate in discussions

 (warning) Instructors make sure you log in to the relevant part of the system to perform your task.

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