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The table below provides definitions for some of they key words associated with the Lecturecast service. This list is not exhaustive. If there are any terms which have not been defined here but you think should be, leave a comment below and we will add this to the list (you must be logged in to write a comment).

Active Learning Platform (ALP)The vendor name for the cloud-based software used by the Lecturecast service. 

A Lecturecast activity must be created in Moodle to make a link to Lecturecast content accessible from within a Moodle course. 

Bulk SchedulingThe task required for scheduling recordings for multiple events. 

Used as a verb to refer to the action when a recording is generated during a lecture.

Used as a noun to refer to the recorded content.


A container which holds content specific to a single teaching and learning event.

A class can contain up to one video and one presentation. If you need to upload more content for a particular class, then you should create a new group to do this.

CMIS UCL's room booking and timetabling system. 
CompletedA booking is listed as 'Completed' in the Scheduler when both the event and recording have taken place. 
ContentRecordings generated during lectures, presentations, media, class materials, etc., uploaded to a class for use via Lecturecast.
CourseSchool or department (as set up in the Portico record system).
Echo360The vendor who supplies the Lecturecast software, the Active Learning Platform.
Error This is the status displayed in the Scheduler if a recording has failed to complete or if the recording duration is over the permitted maximum duration of 4 hours. 
Event Any activity with a room booked in a Lecturecast enabled space. 
Event list The list of events returned matching the search criteria used. This data is taken from CMIS (UCL's room booking and timetabling system) and displayed in the Lecturecast Scheduler.  
Event titleThe name of the event will initially appear in the Scheduler tool as it is written in CMIS. By default this will be the course title but can be edited in the Scheduler to give a more meaningful name. 
Event typeThis tells you whether the event is modular, non-modular or a special event. 
GroupGroups exist in sections as containers to hold classes. Since each class can contain one video and one presentation, groups allow you to combine classes so that you can associate more content to a single group topic.

An instructor is a user role in ALP, who can create and manage content. Instructors are also the room booking owner as written in CMIS. 

Lecturecast LegacyThe name of the previous version of Lecturecast software. This can still be accessed but only to review or download content recorded prior to August 2017.
Lecturecast serviceThe name of the service at UCL for recording and sharing lecture materials. The service incorporates a number of components, namely the Lecturecast Scheduler, Moodle and ALP.
LibraryThe library page is the repository for all of an Instructor's content, whether or not it is currently published to a class or is available to students. This content could also include personal captures and non-modular content.
Make available   

You need to make content available so that students can view it. Availability settings can be set immediately upon publishing content to a course or on a specified date.

A green presentation or video icon indicates that the content is available to students.

Make unavailable

If you make content unavailable it will not be viewable by students but still exists in the applicable class list. Availability Settings can be configured to determine the future start and/or end dates for content availability.

A grey presentation or video icon indicates that the content is available to students.

Modular event A modular event is a teaching event which has a module code. 
Non-modular event  This is a teaching event which does not have a module code. For example, this could be a meeting or conference organised by an academic department. 
Personal Capture (PCAP)A tool which can be used to make recordings outside of lecture rooms to supplement your in-class materials.
Presenter The person who presents the content in the classroom. There can be more than one presenter. 
PublishA process (sometimes automated) through which content is assigned to a class or shared with an individual.
RecordingA video recording or capture of a lecture.
Scheduled This is the description given to a booking in the Scheduler tool when a recording is scheduled but has not yet taken place. 

A section in ALP is the area which contains classes and groups. This is the Lecturecast equivalent of a Moodle course.

Special eventThis is a non-teaching event which does not have a module code because these only apply to teaching events. For example, this could be a meeting or conference organised outside of an academic department. 
Status This column on the Scheduler tool describes whether or not an event recording is unscheduled, scheduled or completed, or notifies you that there is an error with the event. 
Unscheduled An event will appear as 'Unscheduled' in the Scheduler tool when there is a confirmed room booking but the recording has not yet been scheduled. 

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