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Making Lecturecast archived material available to users

Once the yearly archiving has taken place, you will need to move any archived material back into the list of available material, if you would like your students to be able to view it. To do this:

1.  Login to the system from the title page:


2.  Click on the Echoes tab.
3.  Navigate to the archived tab.
4.  Mark all those recordings which you want to move, by clicking on the empty boxes next to each one. A tick will appear in the box.

5.  If you want to Unarchive all of them, then scroll to the bottom of the screen.

6.  Click on All, and all your recordings will be highlighted on that page.
7.  Click on the Actions dropdown menu at the bottom of the page.

8.  Click on the Unarchive selected option.

You will then receive a message telling you that recordings are being archived.

The time this process takes will depend on how many recordings you want to "unarchive".

Recordings will be restored to the status they were in before archiving, so an un-archived recording that was previously available will be made available again, and an un-archived recording that was previously unavailable will be made unavailable again.



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