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What is Personal Capture?

Lecturecast Personal Capture is a downloadable, stand-alone application that runs on Windows and Mac laptops and computers. It is intended for use by Academic Staff, other uses are not centrally supported. With Personal Capture, staff members can create recordings (captures) external to the classroom that students can access via Moodle and view both before and after class. Recordings can be edited and you can create as many recordings as you wish sharing only those that you want.

Support here in the Lecturecast Resource Centre focuses largely on areas that apply only to UCL's use of the software, more detailed but generic guides can be found in Detailed Echo360 help guides on the installation and use of PCAP users are advised to familiarise themselves with UCL specific information before referring to Echo360's online help.


Note there is a new version of Echo360 Personal Capture (PCAP) software, those using PCAP prior to the 2017 summer upgrade should install the latest version - older versions cannot be used to publish to the new Lecturecast service.

Central support for Personal Capture software does not include troubleshooting issues on local devices on which the software is installed. It is the responsibility of end users and/or their local IT advisers to ensure that the devices onto which PCAP software is installed are suitable. We recommend full end-to-end testing including recording, editing, and publishing to ensure a particular set-up is working as expected.

How to download Personal Capture

Personal capture is available for all UCL staff to download.  You will need to navigate to Lecturecast via your Moodle site > click on the settings cog at the top right side of the screen > Downloads > and select the version that is compatible with your computer. If you cannot access Lecturecast via a linked Moodle site UCL staff can also access via direct Log-in for this mode access the 'LOG IN VIA INSTITUTION' option must be used.

Personal Capture Login

PCAP uses the local default browser and single-sign-on to login to the UCL Lecturecast service - open the application and follow the instructions to connect.
Note you if you 'Cancel' you can still continue to record using PCAP but you will need to login later if you wish to publish (your own browser may give different
or no alert screens)

In the browser window enter your UCL email address and click submit.

Choose 'University College London (Prod)

Choosing 'Open Echo360 Software Capture' will bring up a UCL single sign-on page.
Enter your UCL username and PW  and login - the 'Login' link at the top of the PCAP application 
will change to 'Logout' 

Publishing recordings

Once you have made a recording you can upload (publish) to your personal library or to any section
on which your have instructor rights. Note that instructor rights to a given section are assigned (to Moodle tutors/admins) by clicking through the 
Lecturecast activity link on a given section's associated Moodle course.

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