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Lecturecast October 2017

Once you have created a recording you can publish it to your library or to any Lecturecast section to which you have Instructor access.

Instructor access is assigned to Moodle Course Administrators/Tutors for a given Lecturecast section when you click through the
Lecturecast activity on the corresponding Moodle course. 

This training guide describes the basic steps for publishing PCAP recordings to Lecturecast.

You can edit a recording in PCAP. Edits carried out in PCAP affect the original recording file and therefore we recommend you publish
your PCAP recordings and then edit them using Lecturecast ALP. Refer to the Lecturecast ALP - Edit a capture training guide for instructions.           

1. Publish a recording to Lecturecast

The Publish icon for a recording appears when you hover over that recording in the list. 

Hover over the recording you want to publish and click the Publish icon to display the publishing details for that recording.

Enter or edit the 'Title' of the recording.

Select the 'Upload To' location you wish to publish the recording to. You can select one of your courses or your library.

All PCAP recordings published to a Lecturecast course, also appear in your library.

Click the 'Upload' button to publish your recording.

You MUST wait until the "Finalization" and "Prepare to Publish" processes have finished, BEFORE closing the
application. Long recordings may take several minutes to process.

Check your library to find the newly published recording.

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