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At the point of making a Universal Capture Personal recording, you would have specified where you would like to publish the recording.  If you chose to 'Publish to..' your Library, you may now wish to Publish it to a Course or you may want to publish it to a different course.

You will only be able to Share/Publish Universal Capture Personal recordings that are in your Library i.e created by you.

You will only be able to publish to a course/section/class that you are a tutor /instructor on.

This training guide describes the basic steps required to Publish a recording. It includes how to:

  • Find the recording you want to publish.

  • Publish/share a recording from your Library/ My Content.

1. Find the recording you want to publish

1.1 Log into Moodle

Log in to Moodle, and go to the Moodle page where you want to publish.

Open the Lecturecast link.  If one has not been set up yet, then you will need to create a new link

Then select the echo360 logo, from the top right:

This will open your Library on the ALP interface.

1.2 Locate the recording/capture

 The recording will appear under your Library sorted by Date

2: Open the Publish /Share Window

Identify the recording you wish publish and click on it. The page below will appear.

Click on Share

Note the Share settings section highlights any area where the video is already published.

3. Publish/Share the recording

The Share settings window will open.

Select the 'Class' button to share to a class/Moodle course.

You can share content from your Library/My Content into any Moodle course on which you are a tutor/instructor

Note that if you are Sharing to a course, you Must 'Add a New Class' when prompted to avoid overwriting existing content in the course!

If the Class is not listed, please log into the relevant course in Moodle > locate the Lecturecast activity and click on it. This should carry through your tutor/instructor permissions to Lecturecast. If no Lecturecast activity exists, follow the guides on creating a Lecturcast activity. Once created, you should be able to publish your Universal capture recording to the relevant area.

  1. Select Class.
  2. Use the course drop down to search for your course, you can start typing your course name for your course to appear.
  3. Select your Term.
  4. Select your Section.
  5. You Must 'Add a New Class' to avoid overwriting existing content in the course!
  6. Enter a Class Name.
  7. Enter the date, time and duration when this capture was recorded. (Optional)
  8. Choose from available/unavailable options for students to view. You can leave content hidden and make it available for students to view at a later date, if required.
  9. Select 'Share' to publish the recording to the course.

You can also share the content with an individual. Selecting the 'To an individual' option allows you to
enter an email address and share the content with an individual.

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