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Lecturecast March 2019

Some recordings and content are not directly uploaded to a class and are available in the Library of the person (Instructor) who created them.
These include: 

  • Recordings created for non-modular events
  • Recordings that are not created via the Lecturecast Scheduler
  • Other content such as presentations and lecture materials

For this content to be made available for students to view it needs to be published to a relevant class. 

This training guide describes the basic steps required to publish content to a class.

The term 'capture' is used throughout Lecturecast ALP to describe a video recording.

A 'class' is a container in Lecturecast ALP which holds content specific to a single teaching and learning event.

1. Navigate to Lecturecast ALP

Refer to Logging into ALP for instructions on how to do this.

You can also access Lecturecast ALP via your Moodle courses and then access your Library as described in the steps below.

2. Access your Library

Click the 'Library' option in the taskbar to navigate to your Library.

3. Access the options for the relevant recording

Find the recording you want to publish and click on the drop-down arrow for that recording.

4. Publish the recording to a Lecturecast section

You can publish content from your Library into any Lecturecast section on which you are an instructor.

Click on the Video you want to publish.

Select the 'publish' button to publish the content.

Select to publish 'To a course' and select the relevant course and section details from the drop-down lists.

Note that if you are publishing to a course, you should 'Add a new Class' when prompted to avoid overwriting existing content in the course! (Enter title, date and time of recording so that this information 

is populated for students).

Choose from available/unavailable options for students to view, then select 'PUBLISH' to publish the recording.

You can leave content hidden and make it available for students to view at a later date if required.

You can also share the content with an individual. Selecting the 'To an individual' option allows you to
enter an email address and publish the content to that email address.

To download content refer to the Download content training guide.

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