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Lecturecast July 2018

Please note that as of the 23/01/2019 the Lecturecast (Echo360) instructor interface was updated and the instructor dashboard was updated.

Full details of these changes can be seen HERE

Digital Education will updating the below guide to reflect the new interface over few weeks.

There may be circumstances in which older recordings need to be re-used in a currently published section.
For example, a recording is cancelled but the same lecture delivered in a previous year is deemed appropriate.

The recommended way of achieving this is to publish a copy of the older recording into the appropriate current section.

The person undertaking this task will need to be an instructor on both the old section from which the recording is copied
and the new section into which it is to be published.

1. Navigate to Lecturecast ALP

Refer to Logging in to ALP for instructions on how to do this.

You can also access Lecturecast ALP via your Moodle courses and then access your Library as described below.

2. Locate the recording

2.1 Access your Dashboard

All sections to which you have access are listed on your Dashboard.  Note that you will only have access to sections that
you have previously accessed through a link on a Moodle course.

You can also use the 'Term' filter to show sections from any or all previous terms.

2.2 Select the relevant Lecturecast section containing the recording

Click on the 'ALL CLASSES' button of the section containing the recording you wish to copy.

3. Create a copy

Click on the video icon for your chosen recording and select 'Create copy'.

Then, click OK in the warning dialogue box.

The copy you've created is owned by you and will appear in your personal library.

4. Publish the copy to a new section

You can publish content from your Library into any Lecturecast section on which you are an Instructor.

Locate the copy in your Library (use the Search facility if necessary) and select the 'Share' option to publish the content.

Select to publish 'To a course' and select the relevant course and section details from the drop down lists.

Note that if you are publishing to a course, you should 'Add a new Class' when prompted to avoid
overwriting existing content in the course! (Enter title, date and time of recording so that this information
is populated for students). 

Choose from available/unavailable options for students to view, then select 'PUBLISH' to publish the recording.

You can leave content hidden and make it available for students to view at a later date, if required.

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