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This task is typically performed by Moodle Course Administrators and Tutors.

This task describes the steps required to unlink a Lecturecast section from a Moodle course and add a new link.

NOTE: if you would like to completely remove the link a s well as delete the Lecturecast  activity. Please refer to the guidance - Remove a Lecturecast Link from a Moodle Course

It involves:

1. Unlinking the Lecturecast section from the Moodle course
2. Adding a link to a new section

Click the 'Turn editing on' button from within the relevant Moodle course.

Click the activity hyperlink to the Lecturecast section you wish to unlink.

Click the 'UNLINK LMS COURSE' button.

Select 'OK' to continue to unlink the course.

After refreshing the page, you will be presnted with the option to choose a section

2.1 Enter the details of the Lecturecast section

2.1.1 Enter the course code. This will typically be the Moodle course code.

2.1.2 Select the term.

2.1.3 Select the section. You can only map to an existing section, these will be displayed for the selected term.

Select 'Link to the Section Home' to link to the list of recordings for the course, then click the 'LINK CONTENT' button.

To link to a specific recording rather than the list of recordings, select the option to 'Link to a Classroom', where you are

prompted to link to a specific date and time, then click the ' LINK CONTENT' button.

Students and other users with access to the specific Moodle course can now use the link created to access the relevant
Lecturecast section and content.

If no recordings have been scheduled, the page will appear blank as above. Once scheduled for recording, the events will be listed.

When an event has been recorded, you should check to make sure that it is available to students.
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