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Lecturecast August 2018

Lecturecast captures and other class content is viewed by Instructors and Students via Lecturecast ALP.

The term 'capture' is used throughout Lecturecast ALP to describe a video recording.

A 'class' is a container in Lecturecast ALP which holds content specific to a single teaching and learning event. Lecturecast Instructors have access to content in classes

This training guide describes the basic steps required to view class content.

Students are only able to view content that has been made available. To make content available/unavailable refer to the Add content to a class training guide.

To navigate to Lecturecast ALP via Moodle, refer to the Learning ALP Basics training guide.

1. Find the content you want to view

Click on the icon of the content you want to view.

2. Select the option to view the content

Select the 'View' option from the drop down list to open the content in the viewer window.

3. Use the tools in the viewer window 

The content of the class is displayed in the viewer. In this case, both a video and presentation are displayed.

Use the playback bar at the bottom of the viewer to control the video.

Click on the smaller media panel to swap that item with the item in the main panel.

Click the smaller medial panel again to swap back.

Click the 'Layout' icon to change the layout of the items displayed. Rotate through the options to see which layout works
best for you.

Click the 'Sources' icon to enable/disable one or more items displayed.

Use the classroom tools icons to work with the Q&A and flags.

Classroom tools functionality is described in more detail on the Lecturecast Online Help: In the classroom.

To edit a Lecturecast recording, refer to the Edit a capture training guide.

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