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MyPortfolio is an e-portfolio, blogging tool, CV builder, social networking system, connecting UCL students and staff and creating online communities. MyPortfolio provides you with the tools to set up a personal learning environment and can also be used to support group work. There are some guides to help you get started on the right hand side of this page. It is available at


There is a range of MyPortfolio guides available from the E-Learning Environments (ELE) in this resource centre.

If you are looking for information about other e-learning tools aside from MyPortfolio please see the UCL E-Learning website (

Getting started

Quick start guide (PDF / 735 KB)  
Welcome tour -  a guide to navigating and working in MyPortfolio

Moving on

Content Guides - information on everything under the Content tab such as the CV builder, journals and files
Portfolio Guides - includes creating and sharing pages, as well as everything under the Portfolio tab
Group Guides - instructions for using groups, friends and anything else under the Groups tab
Feature focus! - check out new and promoted plugins in MyPortfolio (opens in MyPortfolio)
Guides for particular modules - guides and induction worksheets we have produced for particular contexts.
MyPortfolio FAQs - Frequently asked questions about MyPortfolio
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