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Information regarding grading and providing feedback on Moodle assignments is contained in the Moodle assignment guide.

What is a Moodle video assignment?

The video assignment tool allows students to submit video files/media for assessment. Staff can also grade and provide feedback on submitted work via the Moodle assignment grading tools. 

This assignment workflow utilises Lecturecast to enable students to upload and submit videos through the Moodle assignment. Using Lecturecast to store and access videos is advantageous to having students directly submit to Moodle. Lecturecast allows for larger file uploads and the quality and playback speed of its videos are typically greater.

How to create a video assignment

  1. Got to your Moodle course page and Turn editing on via the editing button located in the top right of Moodle

2. Locate the Moodle topic section in which you wish to place the Video Assignment submission point. Name the section if required and add a description. Then click the Add an activity or resource button

3. Select the Assignment activity from the list

4.  The only setting that is required specific to video assignments is to select Online Text as a Submission type. 

If you do not require students to submit any supporting files such as word files, untick the 'File submissions' option.

If you do require students to submit any supporting files, such as Word or Excel documents, tick the 'File submissions' option. Supporting files must be no more than 160MB. Please note the file limit of 160MB only relates to supporting file in this case, as the video the student uploads will be uploaded using Lecturecast.

NOTE: Once a student submits a Lecturecast video as a response to a Moodle Assignment, that video is locked down on the Echo360 side. The student cannot edit or delete the video once it is locked (a Lecturecast administrator can delete the video if necessary).

How to view student video assignment submissions

To view student Lecturecast video submissions for an assignment:

  1. Open your Moodle course, and select the Assignment activity you want to grade.
  2. Click View all submissions.  

3. Each Student who has submitted a response will be listed. Click Grade for the student whose submission you want to view.

4. The embedded Lecturecast Video appears on the student submission page. Click the Play icon to view the video. The normal Moodle grading options are located below the video. Further information on grading work using the Moodle grading tools is available in the Moodle assignment guides.

5. Follow your standard marking workflow and process for each student.

How-to video

This short video demonstrates the steps above. This video has captions. A transcript is available via Media Central.

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