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What is reasonable adjustment?

Your web pages should be made accessible to as many students as possible

  • ALL graphics must have alternate text or coded as blank text, e.g. logos
  • Navigation has to be planned to take into account assistive technology such as screen readers and those with motor impairment
  • Tables need to be designed with screen readers in mind
  • Fonts should be chosen that are ‘easy’ to read
  • Contrast and colour should be planned to include the colour blind
  • Text composition should be aimed at dyslexic students.

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None of my students are disabled. Do I still have to make my web pages 'Accessible'?

Under the Act, there is a responsibility to make anticipatory adjustments. This means that institutions should consider what adjustments future disabled students may need, and make them in advance.

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Will my web pages look less attractive?

The short answer is "No", you can still apply good design to web pages which are also 'accessible'. Most measures taken will make web pages more accessible will help ALL users. It’s similar to using ‘plain English’ techniques – everyone benefits!

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