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Grader Report in Moodle

How to access

From within a course, go to the Settings block, and then Course administration -> Grades.  The grader report is shown to staff and the gradebook for students. They are effectively the same thing.

Tutor / Administrator Overview

The grader report is the teacher view for the gradebook. The gradebook collects items that have been graded from the various parts of Moodle that are assessed, and allows you to view and change them as well as sort them out into categories and calculate totals in various ways. When you add an assessed item in a Moodle course, the gradebook automatically creates space for the grades it will produce and also adds the grades themselves as they are generated, either by the system or by you.

Student Overview

The gradebook provides an overview of all gradable activities within a Moodle course. Some activities, such as a timed quiz, may have been taken but not displayed in the gradebook. This is because the tutor has hidden the results until they can be verified by an external examiner, or another member of staff. Once the grade has been released, it will be visible to the student. A student may only, ever, see their grades. No student can view another student's grade via Moodle grader report.

Graded Activities

Activities are often given a grade out of 10 or 100 – these are the defaults for a quiz or assignment.

Adding a graded activity

When a graded activity, such as a quiz, is added to your course a new placeholder is set in the grader report/gradebook for the result. Additionally the Course total in the gradebook will include the grade in the calculation.

Grade Weighting

Nearly all activities in Moodle (under the Add an activity drop down menu) can be graded. Each graded item will be weighted by the maximum grade obtainable in the grade book. When adding several items, you'll need to consider the weighting to ensure grades are distributed as desired throughout the module.

Grade Scale / Rubric

Scales are a way of evaluating or rating a students' performance. Moodle offers a standard set of numeric scales. It is also possible to create custom scales which can be available on the site. For example, you can give the student a word or small phrase as a way of rating or giving a student feedback.

Grade Categories

As you add more graded activities to your Moodle course, you may want to organise them into categories. An example of this would be if you had formative assessments mixing in with summative. Each group of assessment can be put into a category which the grader report can then use to count, or not, the grades for the Course total.


Outcomes are specific descriptions of what a student is expected to be able to do or understand at the completion of an activity or course. An activity might have more than one outcome, and each may have a grade against it (usually on a scale). Other terms for Outcomes are Competencies and Goals. In simple terms an Outcome is like any other grade except that it can be applied to multiple activities. When the activity is marked, a mark should be given for the submission itself and for the outcome.

Grader Report Functions / Tools

The grader report is a calculating table of all grades given in the course and their respective weightings. It gives numeric values to all given grades and calculates the Course total. There are many features within the report, some of which are outlined below:

Export Grades

You may wish to export the grades to an external application, or for importing into Portico. If you click on the Export tab, you are able to export all, or some, of the grades to Excel, Text, XML or ODS file formats.

Edit grades manually

At the grader report main overview screen you can turn editing on. From here every grade given in the course may be edited directly within the gradebook. It will change colour to indicate the grade has been overridden from the original given by the activity.

Lock / Hide Grades

Grades can be hidden and/or locked from within the gradebook.


Whether or not the grades accept automatic updates from the activity they are linked to. Usually this is switched on (locked) as soon as the activity is finished and submissions are no longer accepted.


Whether or not the grades are hidden to participants. Usually after the end of the activity and of the grading process.
Locks and Hides can both be set on timers so grades are visible, or locked after a set date.
Further information about the Moodle gradebook is available on the Moodle documentation website.

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