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Running an exam in Moodle?

Please consult the Using Moodle Quizzes for online exams guidance.

The Digital Education team provide a range of UCL specific Moodle guides here. You can also browse the official Moodle guides at New Features page lists all the latest functionality you can use with Moodle.If you are looking for information about other e-learning tools aside from Moodle and Turnitin please see the UCL E-Learning website.


Please also have a look at the E-learning Wiki for a whole range of more pedagogically focused e-learning articles


Guides grouped by function


Courses - how to set up your courses

Editing text and embedding content - how to use the text editor

Activities - how to involve students actively in their learning

Resources - how to add static materials to your course.

Blocks - how to add extra items and information to the sides of your course page.

Questions - how to create questions for use in quizzes and Moodle's lesson module

Course enrolment - how to give students access to your course.

Grouping users - how to put students into groups and why this is useful.

Grades - how to use the gradebook, scales and advanced grading methods.

Tracking progress - how to control and display progress through a course.

Reusing activities - how to copy or recycle elements of your course.

Personalising Moodle

Guides grouped by level

Because Moodle can be so varied in it's usage within courses, we have defined a minimum benchmark for Moodle courses to align towards, called the UCL E-Learning Baseline .

UCL Baseline level

These guides will help you meet the UCL E-Learning Baseline:

Do consider also the Accessibility of your Moodle course(s).

UCL Baseline+

In addition to the Baseline, wholly online courses will need to reference:

Beyond the Baseline

To move beyond the baseline (and baseline+) you can consider the following:

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