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Why do I get a ‘Read-only’ message when I try and access a Turnitin assignment?

This may be due to one of the reasons below:

1.    Every Tunritin class (moodle course with Turnitin assignments) has an end date. This is usually 6 months after the Post date of the latest assignment in the Moodle course.  When the end date is reached, the assignments on the course expire and are limited to read-only access.  Student’s and Tutors will still be able to view assignments however they will no longer be able to submit papers, peer reviews or mark any of the papers using GradeMark.

2.    We are nearing our student limit and require to ‘free up’ user accounts. As above, papers are still be viewed by staff and students.

How do I change the class from ‘Read only/expired’ to ‘active?

There are two ways of doing this depending on the Post date of the assignment you wish to make active.

•    If the Post date has passed and anonymity of the assignments has been lifted follow Method 1 below

•    If anonymity has to be maintained follow Method 2

Method 1: How do I change the class from ‘Read only/expired’ to ‘active’ for assignments whose Post date has already passed and anonymity has been lifted?

1.    Login to Moodle

2.    Navigate to the relevant Moodle course

3.    Open the relevant Turnitin assignment on the course

4.    Edit the Post Date to a date in the future.  This will cause the class end date to be extended so the class becomes active again. You should then switch back to the original Post date.

Method 2: How do I change the class from ‘Read only/expired’ to ‘active’ for courses that contain assignments that must maintain anonymity?

Create a new Turnitin assignment on your Moodle course and then delete it immediately. This will make active all the assignments on that Moodle course.

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