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When you create a Turnitin assignment with a Post Date set to sometime in the future beyond the Due Date, then Moodle lists the assignment in Grades, but it appears in grey rather than blue type. After the Post Date has passed, the Turnitin assignment link in Grades will turn blue and students will be able to see their grade beside the link. (That is, if one was entered in the appropriate field in Turnitin's Document Viewer or Feedback Studio). 

However, sometimes students may report that they can see their grade for a Turnitin assignment in Grades BEFORE it's Due Date. In such cases, (or if you want to avoid them), you may be tempted to hide the column for that assignment (see the Tutor's view of Grades (or the Grader report) below). 

But, if you do this, students won't see this assignment listed when they click on Grades. (Although, as a Tutor you will see it in grey type). Or worse, you may be inclined to hide this Turnitin assignment altogether on the course homepage/space. But hiding assignments may make students anxious, as they may worry that their work has disappeared or that there's no where for them to submit their assignment.

Hence, the best way to check that students won't be able to see their grades for Turnitin assignments before the Post Date is to:

  1. From the course homepage in the Settings block click on Grades
  2. Select the Setup tab 
  3. For each Turnitin assignment for which the Post Date is yet to come, click on the Edit drop down menu and check that the only option is 'Show' preceded by a grey icon that looks like a white 'v' in a grey square e,.g.: 

  4. If it doesn't, click on the assignment link and change the Post Date to some other time in the future. Preferably, not more than 7 months time and NEVER more than a year.
  5. Repeat steps 1 to 3.

NOTE: If the Edit drop down menu reveals a 'Show' option preceded by a grey icon that looks like an open eye crossed out, e.g.:

Then this means that the assignment is completely hidden from students and they will NOT see it on the course space or in Grades.

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