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Ongoing - Moodle 20-21

Zoom attendance list within Moodle is currently not being generated.

Re-naming Zoom meetings on Moodle. Name changes do not appear in Moodle Calendar or Zoom platform.

Moodle Participants Select all users .. the Choose actions button is greyed out. 

Safari Browser, Moodle activity chooser missing scroll and Moodle page display wrapper. 

Ongoing - Moodle 19-20

Re-naming Zoom meetings on Moodle. Name changes do not appear in Moodle Calendar or Zoom platform.

Turnitin assignments: Check the Post Date (assignments appear anonymous but are not)

No icons in the Library Resources block


Moodle edit options disappear when mouse hover / roll over.

Moodle Quiz - Gapfill Question type results in a display error. 

Blackboard Ally - instructor icons do not display correctly.

Mediacentral Download button is difficult to find on Moodle.

Turnitin assignments: Launch rubric manager does not display correctly.

'Allow Group Import'  (CMIS groups) function currently not working - fixed on 22/01/2020

Moodle assignments with Turnitin - new users are unable to accept Turnitin's Terms and Conditions in Chrome browsers.

MathML equations in Moodle do not display for Chrome or Explorer browsers. Fixed 17/01/2020

Toggle for block sidebar is invisible in iOS - 20/01/2020

Blue background on description boxes in folder resources - 20/01/2020

Course overview block doesn't indicate if a course is hidden - 11/11/2019

MyFeedback not showing personal tutees - 24/10/2019

Reading Lists not working - 09/2019

Portico enrolments - 04/09/2019

Multiple attempts required to log into Moodle - 04/09/2019

Moodle logging users out - 04/09/2019

Unenroling users and "Logging in as" another user, logs users out - 04/09/2019

Quickmail Messages not working - 03/09/2019

Quiz - Drag and Drop Matching Question Issue - 13/08/2019

Quickmail not working  - 13/08/2019

Some users are unable to access Administration block - 07/08/2019

Course Reset Enrolment Issue

Resolved - Moodle LSA's 18/19

Some URL links within the Moodle LSA snapshot 18-19 may redirect to live 19-20 - 15/11/2019

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