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Ongoing - Moodle 22-23

 Moodle: 27 March 2023 - Moodle is currently unavailable  - RESOLVED.

 Moodle: December 2022 Issue creating Reading Lists

Ongoing - Moodle 21-22

 Moodle: August 2022 Issues reported using Default / ATTO Text editor in Moodle.

 Moodle: Mass Actions block not working with Collapsed Topics and Onetopics format.

 Moodle: Atto editor style heading tags slow load times when using Safari browser.

Moodle: Javascript Molecular Editor Question - answers don't save when there are two questions on one page

Moodle: Participants Select all users .. the Choose actions button is greyed out. 

Ongoing - Moodle Snapshot 20-21 

Turnitin assignments: Check the Post Date (assignments appear anonymous but are not)

No icons in the Library Resources block


 Moodle: December 2022 Issue creating Zoom activities

 Moodle: December 2022 Issue adding a Lecturecast Activity in Moodle.

 Collaborate Recordings are not visible for Group Rooms in courses with Ultra view - Resolved Collaborate service was taken April 2022

Moodle - Graded anonymised assignments are not updating the Gradebook with grades unless all student identities have been revealed - fixed on  

Blackboard Collaborate: iPad users experiencing whiteboard drawing issues when using Apple Pen - Service decommissioned on 

Blackboard Collaborate: Low speaker volume in Collaborate when using iOS 15 and Safari 15 - Service decommissioned on 

 Blackboard Collaborate: Uploading animated GIF files produces a series of still images - Service decommissioned on 

 Blackboard Collaborate: Some users using Mozilla Firefox version 87 receive a message "Error : Uh-oh. You can't connect. Try to rejoin" - Service decommissioned on 

 Blackboard Collaborate: Attendees unable to see closed captions - Service decommissioned on 

Blackboard Collaborate PowerPoint upload/conversion errors and sharing your presentation - Service decommissioned on 

Blackboard Collaborate: Recording Image may freeze when a user stops sharing a Chrome Tab in a Collaborate session - Service decommissioned on 

Blackboard Collaborate: Some Collaborate session attendance reports are shorter than expected or unavailable after the March 2022 release - Service decommissioned on 

 Blackboard Collaborate: Posting some URLs in chat messages can unintentionally display emojis which impedes the intended hyperlink destination - Service decommissioned on 

 Blackboard Collaborate session time may appear incorrect in Google Chrome - Service decommissioned on  

Blackboard Collaborate: Setting the Speaker Volume slider to 1% in-session produces audio equal to the 100% setting - fixed on 10/02/2022

Blackboard Collaborate: Recordings created on 11th November, 2021 are missing whiteboard content - fixed on 11/11/2021

 Moodle: Cannot change course format using Chrome version 93.0.4577.63 - fixed 13/09/21

Re-naming Zoom meetings on Moodle. Name changes do not appear in Moodle Calendar or Zoom platform.

Moodle Snapshot Quiz ' Total of marks' displaying 0 or not displaying the correct mark - resync error - fixed 10/08/2021

Zoom attendance list within Moodle is currently not being generated - fixed on 21/05/2021.

 Blackboard Collaborate: Anonymous dial-in calls are repeatedly disconnected - fixed on 01/06/2021.

 Blackboard Collaborate: A small percentage of users are unable to join sessions on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge and receive a message "Error : Uh-oh. You can't connect. Try to rejoin"

 Web browser  Mozilla Firefox version 86.0 causing display issues within the Moodle settings - fixed on 26/04/2021.

Moodle Snapshot 19/20 Terms and Conditions - new users cannot accept the terms and conditions and are repeatedly asked to accept due to read-only mode

Safari Browser, Moodle activity chooser missing scroll and Moodle page display wrapper. 

Intermittent issue affecting some Blackboard Collaborate breakout rooms, participants in a breakout room are not able to share audio/video.

Moodle edit options disappear when mouse hover / roll over.

Moodle Quiz - Gapfill Question type results in a display error. 

Blackboard Ally - instructor icons do not display correctly.

Mediacentral Download button is difficult to find on Moodle.

Turnitin assignments: Launch rubric manager does not display correctly.

'Allow Group Import'  (CMIS groups) function currently not working - fixed on 22/01/2020

Moodle assignments with Turnitin - new users are unable to accept Turnitin's Terms and Conditions in Chrome browsers.

MathML equations in Moodle do not display for Chrome or Explorer browsers. Fixed 17/01/2020

Toggle for block sidebar is invisible in iOS - 20/01/2020

Blue background on description boxes in folder resources - 20/01/2020

Course overview block doesn't indicate if a course is hidden - 11/11/2019

MyFeedback not showing personal tutees - 24/10/2019

Reading Lists not working - 09/2019

Portico enrolments - 04/09/2019

Multiple attempts required to log into Moodle - 04/09/2019

Moodle logging users out - 04/09/2019

Unenroling users and "Logging in as" another user, logs users out - 04/09/2019

Quickmail Messages not working - 03/09/2019

Quiz - Drag and Drop Matching Question Issue - 13/08/2019

Quickmail not working  - 13/08/2019

Some users are unable to access Administration block - 07/08/2019

Course Reset Enrolment Issue

Moodle Blackboard Ally Accessibility checker and scores currently disabled

Resolved - Moodle LSA's 18/19

Some URL links within the Moodle LSA snapshot 18-19 may redirect to live 19-20 - 15/11/2019

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