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What is it?

Moodle courses that contain student enrolment can be hidden from students.

Why use it?

This allows tutors/course administrators to hide Moodle courses that already have student enrolments on them without the need to un-enrol users. Tutors can for instance hide courses that are not ready for use.

Who can use it?

Staff with Tutor or Course Administrator role on a Moodle course can' Hide' and 'Show'(make courses visible). 

Before I start...

If you are hiding a course that was previously visible to users, ensure that you inform other staff that are involved in Teaching or editing the course that you have hidden it to avoid any confusion. 

How do I 'Hide' or 'Show' (make a course visible)?

  1. Navigate to the relevant course
  2. Go to the Administration block (usually on the right hand side of the page) >  Course administration > Edit settings > Set course Course visibility to either Hide' or 'Show'


Avoid hiding a course especially during teaching and examination periods without informing students of your actions. We recommend hiding resources within rather than the entire course.

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