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What is it?

  • The recycle bin allows course teams with editing permissions to retrieve course elements they have mistakenly or not-mistakenly deleted. 
  • If deleted Activity / items are not needed, they are automatically permanently deleted after 84 days.
  • Please note, you can permanently delete items by accessing Recycle bin, so you do not need to wait for 84 days for automatic deletion to take place.

Why use it?

To restore, delete or view deleted Activity / Items that were deleted intentionally or unintentionally from the course page. Please remember all items are automatically permanently deleted after 84 day.

Who can use it?

Any user with permission to edit a Moodle course can access the Recycle bin.

How Do I...?

Access the Moodle course Recycle bin

  1. Navigate to your Moodle course.
  2. Within the Administration block, click on Course administration to expand your menu.

3. Scroll towards the bottom and select Recycle bin.

  • If you do not see the Recycle bin, you have no deleted items within the Recycle bin.
  • If you have only just deleted an item and do not see the Recycle bin, please refresh your Moodle page. 

4. Now you will see all items that have been deleted from the Moodle course page. Please remember it can take up to 30 minutes for the items to appear within the Recycle bin. 

The table explains what each feature numbered above does. 

1ActivityThe Moodle Activity / Item that was deleted from the Moodle page.
2Date deletedThe date and time the Moodle Activity / Item was deleted.
3RestoreThis feature restores the Moodle Activity / Item to your course area.
4DeleteThis feature permanently deletes the Moodle Activity / Item from the recycle bin.


  • Remember, if you have deleted an item from your course page and ends up within the Recycle bin, other members of the course team can view those deleted items. Other course member can also restore the items into your Moodle course. If you would like to permanently delete a single item, please visit the recycle bin and click on the trash icon to permanently delete your item. 
  • If deleted items are not needed, they are automatically permanently deleted after 84 days.
  • The deleted item will automatically restore to the last known location within your Moodle course.
  • If the restored item was not hidden from students or if there were no restriction applied to the item, enrolled students are able to access the restored item. 

Question & Answers

Can I recover accidentally deleted content?

Yes, all content that's deleted is initially sent to the course's recycle bin and can be recovered within 84 days.

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