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UCL has been running Moodle for a long time, and the platform has evolved and been updated to match the growing needs and expectations of staff and students. Each time Moodle is updated, most of the content from previous versions is retained. But sometimes older content needs to be updated or removed altogether, to ensure that Moodle continues to run smoothly and can make the most of its new functionality. Currently, some files uploaded to courses (that were first created in earlier versions of Moodle), are stored in an outdated way, which will not be compatible with, or supported by, newer versions of Moodle.

Hence, these so-called 'Legacy course files' need to be removed from courses. Any such files that are still in use, however, will need to be downloaded and saved elsewhere before being added/uploaded again into their respective courses. This will ensure that they remain accessible to appropriate course users.

Please follow the instructions below to update your course by:

  1. Locating your 'Legacy course files'
  2. Downloading and saving copies of any legacy course files
  3. Deleting these legacy course files from their Moodle course 
  4. Adding or uploading the downloaded copies of the legacy files that are still in use on the course


 How to locate the 'legacy course files' on a course:

  1. Open the course template in Moodle
  2. Locate the Settings block
  3. Click on 'Legacy course files' 

How to download 'legacy course files':

  1. Follow the 3 steps above and then on the 'Legacy course files' page click on the 'Edit legacy course files' button
  2. Click on the 'Download all' button - top left to download a zip file with all the legacy files. Or navigate to specific files or subfolders and use the same button (or for single file, the 'Download' button), to download them.

How to delete the 'legacy course files' on a course:

  1. Follow the 3 'locate' steps above and then on the 'Legacy course files' page click on the 'Edit legacy course files' button
  2. If there are any folders, double-click on one, (or the equivalent) to open it
  3. Click on an individual file and in the pop-up window for that file, click on the 'Delete' button
  4. In response to "Are you sure you want to delete this file?" click on OK
  5. Repeat 1 - 4 for all legacy course files.

How to re-upload/add a single file:

  1. Open the folder with the files you downloaded displayed
  2. If they're zipped, unzip them first
  3. Open the course template in Moodle and 'Turn editing on'
  4. Drag and drop the file from your Windows Explorer folder into a section on your Moodle course/template

See links below for instructions on how to:

From <https://wiki.ucl.ac.uk/display/MoodleResourceCentre/Guides+to+using+Moodle+for+staff>

Please contact us (digi-ed@ucl.ac.uk)  if you need any assistance with the above.

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