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What is it?

The Administration (Settings) block is used to provide context-sensitive links to settings pages for course editors and grades for students.

Why use it?

The block enables course editors to edit course settings, resources and activities, as well as access the Gradebook, view reports, enrol users, establish groupsimport items from other courses, manage question banks and reset a course.

Who can use it?

For tutors and course administrators, the Administration (Settings) block allows access to a number of links including the important course settings (via edit settings) where you can do things like make the course unavailable, adjust the number of topic areas, choose a different course format etc. Within a particular activity, the Settings menu provides links to edit the activity or resource.

For students, the Administration (Settings) block provides a link to see their grades( if not hidden by staff in the course settings).

Before I start...

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Meeting the Baseline

The UCL E-Learning Baseline suggests the following for Orientation:

  •  2.6 Provide an overview of the course within the 'Course Summary' in the Moodle course settings. This should define who students contact to request access to the course.  You access the course settings via this block.

How do I...?

The Administration (Settings) block is available on every course page in Moodle, so you can edit the settings on your course and the activities and resources it contains. 

This block uses 'cascading' menus, so you can click on the title next to the arrow to open each submenu, then click on the link of the feature you would like to configure. Refer to specific mini guides for further information on how to:

Edit the course settings

  1. Click on Course administration to open the menu and click Edit settings. This will take you to the Edit course settings page.
  2. Refer to M01 - Moodle course structure for further information on how to change the course information, such as:
    • full name, which appears in the banner.
    • short name, which appears in the breadcrumb trail).
    • description, which appears when people search for the course.
  • Remember to 'Save changes' you make, by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.

Further help

Further guidance on Administration block is available from moodledocs.

If you find any inaccurate or missing information you can even update this yourself (it's a communal wiki).

If you have a specific question about the tool please contact the Digital Education team.


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