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You use Moodle Assignment Marking Guides if you would like to divide the marks between the different criteria. There is a single descriptor for each criterion, and space for a mark and feedback. No levels are described. These are similar to Turnitin's Grading Forms.

Note: If you want to define quality levels for each criterion you can use Rubrics instead

In the Moodle Assignment settings page you can choose to mark by using a Marking Guide, rather than simply selecting a grade.
Here's an example of a Moodle Assignment Marking Guide

Creating a Marking Guide

  1. Create or open an existing Moodle assignment.
  2. In the Moodle Assignment Settings page, in the Grade section, alongside Grading method choose Marking Guide.
  3. Click Save and display to save the settings and enter the Moodle Assignment.
  4. In the Settings menu to the left of the page, under Assignment Administration select Advanced Grading.
  5. Click Define new grading form from scratch, unless you want to use an existing template.
  6. Give the Marking Guide a name and click on Click to edit criterion name to write the first criterion. E.g. 'Referencing' from the example above.
  7. Click on Click to edit underneath Description for Students to add a description that students and markers can see.
  8. Click on Click to edit underneath *Description for Markers *to add a description that only markers can see (optional)
  9. Click on Click to edit underneath Maximum Mark and enter the number the students will score. The sum of all the Maximum Marks in the Marking Guide should add to 100 (assuming the Assignment is out of 100%).
  10. To add new criterion click the *+Add criterion *button.
  11. To add saved comments that can be used during the marking process click Click to edit underneath Frequently used comments.
  12. To add more saved comments click + Add frequently used comment.
  13. Select the appropriate Marking guide options:
    1. Show guide definition to students
    2. Show marks per criterion to students
  14. Once you have filled in the Marking Guide click Save marking guide and make it ready.
  15. The next page allows you to Publish the form as a new template and should now say Ready for use.
  16. Click on the name of the Moodle Assignment in the breadcrumb trail.
  17. Click View/grade all submissions
  18. Click the pencil in the Grade column alongside the first person you want to give feedback to and fill in your feedback alongside each criterion. Also enter a score for each criterion.
  19. To use the Frequently used comments click in the feedback box alongside the criterion you want to give feedback on and click the Frequently used comment (below the Marking guide) to add the comment to the text box.
  20. The grade will be calculated when you click Save changesSave and show next will save the grade and feedback and display the next student's work for marking.

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