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Grading Forms

What is the difference between Rubrics and Grading Forms? Rubrics are a matrix of criteria mapped to levels of achievement. Each matrix cell contains a description of the level of achievement and (optionally) a numeric mark attached; the marker selects the level to which a student has met each criterion and can optionally give further comments for each. If numeric marks are used the Rubric will calculate a total grade (though this can be overridden). Grading forms on the other hand contain each criterion and its description; the tutor types in feedback and (optionally) a numeric mark for each, but there are no levels of achievement to choose from. As such, Rubric can be more standardised and therefore more obviously transparent about numeric grades (if used). Since Rubric feedback is granular and pre-prepared, Rubrics may be quicker for markers, which can help with large cohorts, whereas Grading Form feedback can be more individualised and discretionary. Since both Rubrics and Grading Forms break down credit into discrete aspects, Turnitin GradeMark provides a place for holistic feedback as general comments on each submission as either text or an audio recording.




Grading Forms are not currently compatible with the Turnitin iPad app.

1. First of all open a Turnitin assignment and click on the name of the first paper you would like to mark (or choose any paper if you are setting up a Grading Form for later use).

2. To access Grading Forms you click on the fourth icon at the bottom, right of the Turnitin Assignment window to get to the Rubrics section. Then click the spanner icon in the top, right of the rubric grading panel to the right of the document (just below the grade box) and add a new Rubric or Grading Form.

3. Then click in the top, left corner of the pop-up box and choose "Create new grading form"

4. Fill in your section titles and (optional) descriptions*, then click the link icon in the top, right corner of the pop-up box to attach it to the assignment. You only need to do this for the first paper you mark and it will be there for the rest.

* Keep these on one line, as Turnitin will show the HTML codes for new line breaks and this will make them difficult to read.

5. The Grading Form will appear in the left hand panel and your descriptions will appear when you hover your mouse over the information (i) icons. I suggest putting the weighting in the description to help with your marking. E.g. /20 or /40

Each element should add up to a total of 100%. 

As you fill in the grade for each section Turnitin will tally the total score at the bottom.

6. Once you are done entering grades, click [Apply score to grade] and Turnitin will copy it to the Grade field at the top of the Turnitin assignment page.

You can then move on to the next assignment using the arrow icon in the top, right corner of the page - to the right of "paper 1 of #".

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