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On 12 July 2021, a copy of the entire Moodle platform was taken, to form the Moodle Late Summer Assessment Snapshot for 20/21.  This allows completed courses to be archived, and keeps different cohorts separated, ahead of the next academic year.  The Moodle LSA Snapshot 20/21 will remain interactive to Students and Staff until 30 November 2021, when it will become Read-only to everyone.  What you need to do next depends on the type of Programme and what timetable if follows.

- Standard Undergraduate courses –

If teaching started in September 2020 and finished in early summer, with a clear period of student inactivity on the course during July and August, then follow the M30a miniguide for standard course Reset.  You generally have a window of time in which to reset your course starting once Moodle LSA Snapshot 20/21 is released until teaching is due to start for a new cohort in September 2021.  You can reset your course in Moodle 21/22 because your LSA students will be submitting to Moodle LSA 20/21 during August/September 2021. 
NOTE: if you do not have time to Reset your course straight away, you should at least Hide it in Moodle 21/22, so that your 20/21 students only have access to the Moodle LSA Snapshot 20/21 version.

- Masters, Postgraduate and Non-standard courses -

If your course does not run from August 2020 up to July 2021, or has a dissertation/project/thesis due August 2021 or later, then follow the M30b miniguide to request a duplicate course.  You can request a course duplication at any time of the year.  Often there is overlap between the running of different yearly instances of the course, in which case the duplciation is usually prompted by the need for a new course for the incoming cohort.  Masters and PG modules must not be operated on the Moodle LSA Snapshot, as the infrastructure is not designed to support this, and the platform will become Read-only.
NOTE: it is important that you Hide the version of your course in the Moodle LSA Snapshot 20/21 as soon as you can, to prevent student adding new content there in error.

If you have any queries, please contact the Digital Education team before you reset or delete any content: digi-ed@ucl.ac.uk

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