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Moodle course resets Summer 2020

== If you do not have time to reset your courses straight away, then Hide it from students, so there is only one version they can view ==

The process for resetting courses changed slightly at the start of the 2019/20 academic year and includes an additional step to unenrol students.  Please complete ALL the steps below when resetting your Moodle course.

Moodle Course Resets, Snapshots and Portico Enrolments print 

You generally have a window of time in which to reset your course starting immediately AFTER the yearly Moodle snapshot, and ending sometime before teaching is due to start for the new academic year.

During the upgrade and snapshot/archiving process that takes place each year, all Portico enrolment mappings are switched off, or 'deactivated'. If you want to reactivate the mappings for the new cohort, you must wait until after the current year's module registrations have been cleared out of Portico (usually August 1st.)  before you reactivate your portico mappings.

Example timeline for a standard UG course

WhenWhatWhat this means for course owners
May - September
  • All teaching and student activity on the Moodle course finishes.
  • Last summer assessments take place.
  • If teaching will continue on your course past the Snapshot date ( 26th July 2019), for example, you have dissertations that will be submitted, then your course should follow the non-standard reset instructions.
  • If your course has Late Summer Assessments (LSA) which run past 20th September 2019 and cannot be closed by this date, follow the non-standard reset instructions.
  • If your course has LSA's which finish by 20th September the LSA's should be taken in the Snapshot for the academic year the module was run ( Late Summer Assessment 2018/19) This means you can follow the standard reset process outlined below.
July (13th July 2020)
  • Moodle is taken down for maintenance/upgrade.
  • A snapshot copy of Moodle is taken (not read only until stated)
  • All portico enrolment mappings are de-activated

Window of opportunity for course resets opens (once the snapshot is released). Course owners should reset their courses and prepare them for the next year's teaching. See start of term checklist
Date TBC

Year-end rolls over in Portico/SITS. Old module registrations are removed.

New from 2019: Course owners have to re-map their Portico mappings on the 'live' instance of Moodle.

Sometime between late August and SeptemberStudent activity starts on Moodle courses.The window of opportunity for course resets closes. Courses copied over from the snapshot, where all assessments and teaching has been completed by 20th September and where a new cohort of students will be joining the module should be reset before the start of teaching.

DO NOT reset your course before the snapshot date as you'll lose all of this year's student activity before the snapshot copy is taken.

How to reset your course

  1. Log in to Moodle and go to the course that you want to reset. Don’t worry, you won’t lose any resources or activities, only students grades and contributions to forums, assignments etc.
  2. In the Settings block, under Course administration, click Reset.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Select default button.  This will select all the usual reset options and remove any Students from your course.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Reset Course button.
  5. All of the items you have chosen to reset will be displayed and there will be an 'OK' alongside each of these.  Click Continue.
  6. This will reset the course.
  7. The following activities should be deleted and recreated on the newly reset Moodle course.
    1. Turnitin assignments
    2. Moodle assignments
    3. Lecturecast links
    4. Blackboard Collaborate links

To do this, Turn editing on and scan you page for the icons shown below.  Open the Edit menu (to the right of each activity) and select Delete.
To create new versions of each of the above activities, please see the following links:

8. In the Administration block, click on Edit Settings and change the course full name and course short name to reflect the academic year. For example change 2019/20 to 2020/21.
9. Once you have gone through the steps of resetting your course above, you will need to remove Student enrolments.  To do this: 

  • Click on Course administration under the Administration block
  • Click Users
  • Click Enrolment methods
  • Click on the bin icon beside Portico enrolments / IMS Enterprise file.
  • A confirmation message will appear > click Continue.

10. Module Portico mappings must be selected every year and will no longer roll over by just checking the “Activate Mappings” box. Please note that 20/21 mappings will not be available until 17th August 2020. For guidance, please see the Portico Mapping Process for course resets page 

NOTE: Once you activate Portico Enrolments on Moodle for the new student cohort (step 10 above)  and enrolments occur, the Portico enrolment method will appear again under enrolment methods. 

**If your Turnitin submission inbox does not display the column headings, you may want to clear your web browsers cache and cookies.**

**If the course has an enrolment key set you should change it now so that students from the previous year cannot re-enrol themselves on the course. Find out how to change the enrolment key here.**

If you are a tutor on the course DO NOT reset the Tutor role or you will unenrol yourself!! You can unenrol different user roles by selecting them from the Unenrol users list. Hold down the *Ctrl *key on your keyboard to select multiple user roles.

More information about the reset settings

Note: Most people will just use the Select default option and won't need to worry about these settings

If you want to remove something in particular, tick the appropriate settings to remove the information you no longer need, as described below:

The General reset options allow you to:

  • set a new Course Start Date for the freshly reset course
  • delete all Calendar events,
  • delete course log report data and
  • delete all user notes attached to the course.
  • delete all comments
  • delete all completion data
  • delete all blog associations

The Roles reset options allow you to Unenrol all users with a particular role within a course (e.g students), as well as remove all role overrides and role assignments specific to the course. Overrides allow Moodle Administrators to change the permissions for a particular activity to allow/restrict users' actions for that activity only. For example, users with the role Student in your course can usually start new discussions in forums. If there is one particular forum for which you want to restrict that capability, then you can set an override that PREVENTS the capability for Students to "Start new discussions". Role assignments allow Course Administrators and tutors to assign a user to a different role for a particular activity. For example, you might make an exemplary student a tutor on a forum, so that they have the permissions needed to be able to moderate the forum (e.g. edit, delete and move forum postings). These settings do not affect user role assignments outside the context of the course. If you are a tutor or course administrator on the course, DO NOT reset that role or you will unenrol yourself!! You can Unenrol users by selecting the user's role you wish to unenrol. Use the [Shift] and [Ctrl] keys on your keyboard to select multiple user roles.

The Gradebook reset options allow you to delete all gradebook items and categories and/or delete all recorded grades within the course. Note that these grades are still recorded against a user's account.

The Group reset options provides you with the ability to delete all groups created in the course and/or remove users from groups previously created within the course.  You can also delete all groupings created in the course and/or remove all users from any groupings within the course.

Prior to resetting your course, if you have given yourself a student role on the course, ensure you remove this, or you risk unenrolling yourself during the reset.  To do this, go to the course, Settings > User and ensure you can only see 'course administrator' or 'tutor' by your name

Once your undergraduate course has been reset, you can then enable Portico enrolments in preparation for the next academic year- please click here for instructions.  The rollover period for Portico enrolments is 17th August 2020.

If you use reading list items embedded in the Moodle course in the central column (as opposed to the Reading List block), you will also need to edit its settings and reselect the reading list items to ensure they point to the new reading list and not the old, archived version and any new readings appear.

Need further assistance?

Contact Digital Education if you have any questions or require advice.