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Aim: How to change between different formats.

Moodle offers five formats in which to display your course. We reccomend three of them for general use;

  • Topics format  - the default option
  • Social format - a forum is displayed on the course page.
  • Tabs format where the topics appear in a tabbed menu at the top of the course page.

Topics  format

Topics format is the most commonly used format. It gives you a page with sequential topic sections one under another.

Social format

The social format gives you no topics/sections, but just a single forum on the course page.

Tabs format

The tabs format is similar to the Topics format, but instead of all the sections appearing on the course page in a long list, you see one section at a time with a tabbed navigation at the top. Tabs format works well when you have fewer than about 8 sections. More than this and the tabbed navigation becomes cluttered.

To use the powerful drag and drop features of Moodle 2 between topics you have to revert to the Topics format, move the resources and activities then change back to the Tabs format.

Go to the Settings tab, click on Course Administration -> Edit settings

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Save changes.
Go to Format, choose Tabs format

To give the tabs titles (i.e. replace Topic 1 etc)
Click on the edit icon ( ) for each topic, unselect Use default section name and
Give it a Section name

Click on Save changes.

Formatting options

If you choose topics or tabs format you get some extra formatting options.

1. You can select the number of topics of tabs you want to have in your course.

2. You can choose how hidden sections display to students.

3. You can choose to show all the sections at once, or you can set it so that only one section displays at a time with additional 'previous' 'next'  navigation links. (This is similar to the Tabs format with slightly different navigation)



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