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You have four main options for Moodle enrolment - ELE recommend using a combination of the Portico enrolments and the enrolment key methods to grant students access to your course. To allow staff to access your courses manual enrolment is the easiest option.:

Portico enrolments are generally a good way of enrolling students on courses, but early in term 1 student data in Portico module lists may be incomplete and/or inaccurate as students take time to make and modify module selections, and departments deal with large numbers of requests.  Therefore you may want to use a combination of Portico enrolments and the Enrolment key to ensure that all students who need to can access your course.

IMPORTANT: Before this year's enrolments start, do ensure that you have reset your course to remove last year's students!

Portico enrolments (recommended for student access)

If your course matches a module in Portico then Moodle can read the enrolments from Portico overnight.

Most Moodle courses for UCL taught modules will automatically have Portico enrolments enabled.

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How to set up Portico enrolments:

  1. Your course must link to one or more Portico modules (i.e. ELE1001: Beginners Learning Technology). You cannot currently link to programmes.
  2. In the Settings menu click on Edit Settings.
  3. Make a note of the text in the Portico identifier field (this will often be the module code). If it's empty, you must add one, we recommend using the module code (i.e. ELE1001). 
  4. For linking to multiple modules, separate with underscores (i.e. ELE1001_ELE1002_ELEG003)
  5. Request the course to be linked to Portico via the Request Portico Enrolments for your course form

Note: it may take 48-72 hours for a request to be processed.

NOTE: Students will only be enrolled in your Moodle course once they have been fully approved in Portico! Because there is often a delay of up to 2 weeks before students are approved in Portico, you may want to use an enrolment key.

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Important Dates:

The automatic enrolments will begin on the first week of term.

All Portico module choices will be finalised in week six of term.

After week 6 automatic Portico imports will be turned off and students who should not be enrolled on the Moodle course can be removed (students may also unenrol themselves, although they will be re-enrolled automatically overnight until week 6).

Enrolment key (recommended for student access)

The enrolment key in Moodle permits students to enrol themselves onto Moodle courses without needing to wait for their Portico enrolments to be confirmed; this is a simple option for both staff and students. Students can self-enrol onto your course if they know the enrolment key - a password made up of any word, number or their combination. When you are ready to make the course available to students you simply issue them with the enrolment key. You will also need to tell them the course title, so that they can search for it from the Moodle login page. 

To enrol with the help of an enrolment key, a student will need to:

  • Open up a web browser (e.g. Firefox or IE)
  • In the address field type:
  • Login using their UCL username and password
  • Search for the course and click on the hyperlinked name of the course from the search results OR click on the link you send them to go straight to the course
  • On the screen that appears enter the enrolment key and click Enrol me.
  • Click OK to confirm that they want to self-enrol

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Manual enrolments  (recommended for staff access)

To manually add users to your course, tutors need to:

  • Log into Moodle and click on your course
  • Click on Settings > Users > Enrolled users
  • Click on the Enrol users (the grey button to the right of the screen)- A pop-up box should appear
  • NOTE: The default role which most courses will assign new members as is normally student.  To change this, select the type of role you would like to assign from the drop down menu next to Assign Roles
  • In the search field, enter the name of the person you are looking for.  If they have a common last name, enter a percentage sign between their first and last name, e.g. John%Smith.  If you cannot find the user's name in Moodle's database contact E-Learning Environments.
  • Once you have found the person in the list, click on the grey Enrol button to the right of their name, and then Finish enrolling users
  • Make the course available to students (see Why can't students access my course?) 

To manually remove users, tutors need to:

  • Log into Moodle and click on your course
  • Click on Settings > Users > Enrolled users
  • A list of all participants on your course will appear, you will need to click on the red cross to the right of their name.  At this point you will receive the following message: "Do you really want to unenrol user "XXXX" from course "XXXX"?
  • Click on Continue
  • NOTE: If you do accidentally remove someone from your course, you can add them back in by following the steps above

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Bulk enrolments (exceptional circumstances)

A block is available which allows you to bulk upload users to your course, using just their UCL userids, or their email address.  This option also allows you to create groups.   Please click here for instructions on how to add this block. 

If these students have never logged into Moodle before, the steps above will not work as this requires that the students' Moodle accounts are active.  In this instance, you can send the following information in an Excel spreadsheet or comma separated text file (csv) to E-Learning Environments:

firstname, lastname, email, username, module code/shortname*

*The shortname is the second link that appears in the Moodle breadcrumb (e.g. UCL Moodle > INST1001)

» Download an excel file template for bulk uploading students into your course

If you would like to assign groups to these students, you can add groupname as a field in the csv file; Moodle will automatically create these when the spreadsheet is uploaded

» Download an excel file template for bulk uploading students into groups in your course

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Category level access (course administrators)

If access is required to all courses in a department the Head of Department must write (email) to request ELE provide access for particular staff. The staff member(s) must also complete the Administering your Moodle course training before category level access can be granted.

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