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To participate in Blackboard Collaborate sessions, your computer's operating system & Collaborate will prompt you to download and install certain software. You may also need to set your anti-virus software to recognise Collaborate. For these reasons, we'd recommend testing your session out (and letting your students test it out) before the main event.

Further information about system requirements can be found at

Blackboard Collaborate can be used on the UCL desktop (you will be prompted to download the Collaborate Launcher).

Create / add a new Blackboard Collaborate session to your Moodle course:

  1. Go to your Moodle course and in the right hand corner click Turn Editing On.
  2. From the Add an Activity select Blackboard Collaborate
  3. You can then customize your Blackboard Collaborate session - be sure to set at least a few of the core options: 
    1. Enter a clear Title so learners know what the session will be about. 
    2. Provide a Description - outline the session topic, aims, prerequisites or other information a learner might benefit from knowing before the session. 
    3. Enter dates for the session which will be displayed to the learner and help guide attendance.

      Warning: don't enter a start time that is in the past it may not be accepted and it may fail. 


  • Make sure you click on Expand All, this will display all of the customisable options which include important options for recording, maximum numbers of speakers and more.
  • If you are unsure of any of the settings, click on the next to its name.  

Join a session 

  1. Click on your finished Blackboard Collaborate session on the course homepage, and click Join Session. Your screen should look like below:


  2. A .jnlp file will automatically download onto your computer, open this file once it's finished downloading
  3. It may also ask you to customize your connection settings, feel free to customize this however you please
  4. You should then have access to your Blackboard Collaborate session!

Recording your session for playback in Moodle

When adjusting the settings for your Blackboard Collaborate Session in Moodle (step #3 above) in the "Session Attributes" tab there are 3 recording options:

1) Manual - A moderator must manually start the recordings when in the Blackboard Collaborate Session
2) Automatic - the recording starts automatically when the session starts and at the end of the session
3) Disabled - Recording is disabled

The default recording setting is "Manual".  To start recording manually press the "Record" button in the upper right of the Blackboard Collaborate session window (Note:  Only a moderator may start or stop recording).  You may start, stop or pause recording at any point during your session.    

Your session recording will be processed and uploaded to your Moodle course after the session has ended.  This process can sometimes take 1-2 hours.  The students will be able to view the session by clicking on the Blackboard Collaborate session and clicking play under the recordings section.  As an instructor the recording section is also where you can go to convert your presentation to an .mp4 or .mp3 file if so desired.


  1. If you choose to add a moderator when setting up your first session, these will appear in any subsequent sessions you schedule.  If you need to remove them, click on Blackboard Collaborate link on your Moodle course page and then click the Add/Remove Moderators link at the bottom.  

Once you have created the Blackboard Collaborate link in Moodle, you may wish to read the quick start moderator guide.  This will give you a brief overview of some of the most useful features.

For more detailed guidance on the functionality of Blackboard Collaborate, please see the official moderators guides.  You can also download this information as  PDF by clicking on the link and Download the PDF in the top right of the page.

If your attendees do not have access to the Moodle course you have set the session up on, you can distribute the session URL to allow them to participate.  To do this, right click on Join session and copy the URL.  You can then distribute this in an email.




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