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Please note that the ability to add new instances of Campus Pack tools in UCL Moodle has been removed as part of the July 2017 Moodle upgrade. Please see below for possible alternative tools that offer similar functionality.

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Campus Pack is a series of add-ons to Moodle that allowed users to create wikis, blogs, journals and podcasts. While these are useful tools, much of this functionality is already present directly in Moodle, or in other institutionally supported e-learning tools. During the July 2017 upgrade we therefore removed the ability to add new instances of Campus Pack tools, to focus support on more widely used tools that provide similar functionality. This will not affect previously added Campus Pack activities, but you will not be able to add any new instances and may therefore need to investigate using alternative tools to run the same activities in new/future courses.


Below we’ve attempted to give some suggestions for existing tools that offer similar functionality to each of the Campus Pack modules, with a link to guidance for each.  

Note: For some of the tools above to function in the same way as Campus Pack, you may need to set up one student groups, to restrict viewing and editing to a single student. This can be done quickly using the Auto-create groups functionality, setting it to be based on the number of students in a group, and setting the ‘member count’ to 1. You can then add the one student groups to a grouping and set activities to use ‘Separate groups’ in their settings page.   

If you have any questions about how to replace an existing Campus Pack activity with one of the above, please do feel free to get in contact with the Digital Education team.

If you are still intending to use existing Campus Press activities in your course, you can find guidance on Campus Pack's official website, specifically tailored to using Campus Pack in Moodle.

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