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What is it?

MyFeedback is a report that enables you to view grades and feedback for assessment activities such as Moodle Assignments, Turnitin Assignments, Workshops and Quizzes across modules in a single-view report.

The report provides links to submissions and any feedback that has been released to students.

Why use it?

The report helps students (supported by their personal tutors) to better understand the variety of feedback they receive, draw ties between different assessments and modules, and allow them to reflect on their feedback to see how they can improve in future assessments. It also allows Tutors to see how their students are progressing within the modules they teach.

Who can use it?

MyFeedback is available to students, personal tutors, course tutors and departmental administrators.

  • Students can view feedback and grades from their assessments across all their UCL Moodle courses. Student help documentation is available from:https://wiki.ucl.ac.uk/display/ELearningStudentSupport/MyFeedback+for+students
  • Personal tutors  can see their tutees' full MyFeedback reports across all the modules their students are studying. Note: personal tutors will not be able to link through to assessments on courses they do not have tutor access to.
  • Module tutors and assessors can see MyFeedback reports for their students containing assessment information for any modules they teach and/or assess. They will not see any assessments for modules they do not teach (unless they have been granted tutor access to those Moodle courses).
  • Departmental administrators  can see MyFeedback reports for all the Moodle courses within categories where they have been assigned departmental administrator access in Moodle. Categories in Moodle will either be for the entire  department, or might be broken down further into undergraduate and postgraduate modules. Staff requiring this access will need to ask their department's current category level course administrator to assign them this role.

Before I start...

This advice is also available as a printable handout:  Making Feedback Visible in the Moodle MyFeedback report (pdf).

Making Feedback Visible in the Moodle MyFeedback report

To make the most of MyFeedback, assessors need to use Moodle in ways that make the information visible within the report. Many of these suggestions also make assessment feedback more visible to students generally.

Note: If deciding between Moodle Assignments and Turnitin Assignment, be aware that Turnitin feedback cannot be shown directly in the MyFeedback report and requires students to copy and paste this in, so Moodle Assignment feedback is more visible in the report.

Below are some tips for how to make feedback visible within each type of assessment shown within the report.

Moodle Assignments

  • Grades must be entered in the grade box (as opposed to being embedded within a document, or the feedback comments area). Otherwise it won't be shown in the grade column in the report. Moodle Assignments support numeric, letter and scale grades.
  • General feedback should be entered into the feedback comments area, rather than embedded in a document, as only feedback added in this box will be visible within the 'feedback comments' section of the report. 
  • Rubric or marking guide comments should be entered directly into the Advanced Grading section of the Moodle Assignment (rather than being attached in a separate document) in order for this feedback to display in the 'feedback comments' section of the report.
  • If you provide inline comments / tracked changes within the paper via feedback files, tell students this in the feedback comments, so they know to look for it.
  • Students who are granted extensions need to have this set up within the Assignment's 'view submissions' page, otherwise their submission will display in the report as late.

Turnitin Assignments

  • Grades must be entered in the grade (/100) area (in the top, right corner) in order to appear in the grade column of the report. That means if you are using letter grades written directly into the general comments area, these will not show  in the report and will only be visible to students when they click through to the Turnitin assignment via the 'view feedback' link.
  • All other feedback (inline 'QuickMark' comments, general 'text comments' and 'rubrics'/'grading forms') will only be visible to students when they click on the 'view feedback' link. If they want to see any of this directly in the 'feedback comments' section of the report, they will need to copy and paste this in manually.


  • Provide overall feedback in the quiz settings, that points students to reviewing each quiz question for detailed feedback relating to that question. You can provide feedback within certain grade boundaries by adding more feedback fields and entering the percentages in the grade boundary boxes. E.g. If they pass the quiz with a high score you might want to add some positive comments and if they fail the quiz, point them to further readings or resources.
  • Provide detailed feedback for each quiz question in the general feedback section, rather than the incorrect or correct sections, as someone who got a question right may not fully understand why and may want to review this.
  • Students who are granted extensions for quizzes with a deadline need to have this set up within the group or user overrides section of the quiz, otherwise their attempt will display in the report as late.


  • Provide overall feedback for the group in the Workshop settings, under Feedback, in the conclusion area. This will appear for all students in the 'feedback comments' section of the report.

Manual grade items

  • If you add grades directly to the Moodle Gradebook (for example to provide feedback for an oral presentation) you should ideally upload a single grade for the entire assessment, rather than uploading a grade for each criterion. Uploading a separate grade for each criterion will result in students having to sift through many grade entries for a single assessment.

Grades entered directly in Gradebook

  • Grades that are entered or overridden directly in the Moodle Gradebook for an existing activity, will appear in the report, overwriting the grade within the assignment, workshop or quiz.

How do I access and use MyFeedback?

  • You can navigate to your own MyFeedback report via the MyFeedback block on your Moodle home page.
  • If you are both a student and a tutor, you can view your own report as well as the reports of those you teach.

General Navigation





Module tutor tab


My students tab


Overview tab


Feedback comments tab


Entries filter


Search bar – searches for any value within the module summary table

Note: Staff are required to complete training courses on Moodle as part of their induction, thus every staff member should also be a student on at least one course. As such the Overview tab will be shown on a Tutor's MyFeedback report, however they will only show information related to the courses studied as a student.
For more information on the Overview tabs, please refer to the MyFeedback user guide for students.

Module Tutor dashboard





Assessment breakdown toggle


Student information toggle


Overall grade chart


My courses filter


Table summary functions


Entries filter

The Module tutor dashboard provides a breakdown of students' performance in the modules assigned to a tutor. This view can be toggled between an Assessment breakdown and a Student breakdown.
The Assessment breakdown organises student grades according to their module of study, while the Student breakdown lists each student by name and the number of assessments they have been given.
Tutors can gain further insight into the assessment information of individual students by clicking on the student's name.

My students

The My students tab lists all of the student's linked to the modules assigned to a tutor. You will need to click the 'Show all students checkbox' to see the students you teach. By default only those students you are a Personal Tutor for will display. You can search for a student by name in the Search box.

Assessment information for a particular student can be viewed by clicking on the student's name.




Search - can be used to search for a student in any of the Moodle courses you teach or administer using their email address


Student name column


Relationship column


Please note that the information described relates to the fields found after a Tutor clicks into a student's name from the Module tutor dashboard. The columns are visible in both the Overview and Feedback comments tabs.

Accessing Full Feedback Information

The full feedback shown is dependent on the type of assessment that the Student has been assigned. The different types of assessment types, and the pages they link to, is shown below.

Assessment Type


What is shown when you click on 'view feedback' in the Full feedback column.


Full breakdown of the answers submitted in the quiz. The correct/incorrect answers are displayed along with comments from the student's tutor. You can navigate to a summary of all previous attempts by clicking on the quiz name in the breadcrumb trail at the top of the page.

Manual Item

Links through to the Moodle course Gradebook where you can see the tutor feedback for that item. It will also list all of the assessment grades for that Moodle course. There is a Feedback tab that links back to the MyFeedback dashboard.


The student's Turnitin report is shown together with similarity matches and the module tutor's feedback. This may include general feedback, in-text comments and rubric/grading forms, depending on what the tutor has provided.


The Moodle Assignment page, showing summary information of the student's assignment and their grade. This may include general feedback, t he completed rubric/marking guide, and a link to the document containing in-text comments , depending on what the tutor has provided.


You see the results page for the workshop, including any peer-assessment, tutor feedback or self-assessment the student has received .

Accessing Module Information

Tutors can quickly access the homepages of the Modules linked to a student by clicking on the respective Module name linked to an assessment on the MyFeedback dashboards (Overview & Feedback comments tabs).

Feedback comments

The Feedback comments tab shows general feedback from the Tutor linked to the assessment, selected rubric options and marking guide/grading form comments from Moodle Assignments. Overall feedback in Moodle quizzes for particular grades is also provided. Peer, self and tutor assessment feedback is shown for Workshops.

The date that students viewed the feedback from an assessment is also displayed, allowing tutors to easily determine if and when their comments are being read. Feedback that has not been viewed will have a cross displayed beside it.




View own dashboard button


Assessment summary table functions – reset, export or print the assessment summary table


Show/hide columns filter – show or hide the columns displayed in the assessment summary table


General Feedback column – this is where brief feedback from tutors can be found


Self-reflective notes column – Students can add self-reflective notes to individual assignments; these are visible to Personal Tutors and Departmental Administrators


Full feedback – this is where Students can find full feedback from Personal/Module Tutors


Viewed column – indicates the most recent date on which the Student reviewed the full feedback provided by their tutor

Comparing assessment feedback within the Feedback comments tab

Under the General feedback column in the Feedback comments tab, students and staff can view tutors' comments on their performance on an assessment.
If the assessment is a Turnitin assignment, students also have the ability copy and paste comments from the original feedback provided on their Turnitin reports.

Assessment Type


What is shown in the General feedback column on the Feedback comments tab?


Any overall comments provided by the tutor that relate to the final quiz score.

Manual Item

Any general comments provided by the tutor.


Turnitin feedback cannot be shown directly in the report, since this information is only available within Turnitin itself. Students can choose to copy and paste general feedback from Turnitin into this column.


Any general feedback provided by the tutor, as well as the selected rubric descriptors or marking guide feedback for each criteria.


Any general feedback comments provided by peers, the student themselves (self-assessment), or the tutor.

Self-Reflective Notes

MyFeedback enables students to add self-reflective notes against their graded assessments, which can be viewed by their respective Personal Tutors and Departmental Administrators. As a module tutor you will not be able to see these comments.

Examples and case studies


Questions & Answers

Q. Why can't students see their grades and feedback in the MyFeedback report?

A. Please refer to the MyFeedback report miniguide.

Q. How can I make feedback visible to students and staff in the Moodle MyFeedback report?

A. Read the advice under Before I start... (above). This advice is also available as a printable handout:  Making Feedback Visible in the Moodle MyFeedback report (pdf).

Further information

For an overview of MyFeedback (not specific to module tutors and assessors) please see: M52 - MyFeedback report.

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