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This page contains a number of resources for Moodle Migration Coordinators assisting Digital Education with the migration of their departmental Moodle courses into new Moodle

  Map My Modules

Step-by-step instructions for submitting your Moodle courses for migration using the Moodle course mapping tool.

Log in to mapmymodules

  Communication template

Draft communication template for you to send to people within your department. Please feel free to amend as required.

Initial message:

As you may know, Digital Education are making a new Moodle system for 2018/19 that will use New Academic Model codes. I am the coordinator for [DEPARTMENT] and I will be working with Digital Education to ensure the smooth transfer of all our courses onto the new system. As part of this I have been asked to provide information on the mappings between our new and old codes, give information where our names or structures are more unusual, and highlight any other courses in Moodle (study skills, staff rooms etc.) that also need to be transferred.

I have the mappings for our teaching, but if there are any other Moodle courses that you would like transferred if would be very helpful if you can let me know, or if you have courses outside the regular one Moodle course for one module structure, or any test courses. The easiest way to do this would be to just send me a link to the course. I will arrange all courses to migrate with their contents and staff enrolments, unless you let me know that you want an 'empty shell' course to build afresh.

We can also highlight any high priority courses where early teaching or student activities are taking place, such as pre-reading or orientation to be done by students before they arrive at UCL. If you know of any of these, please do let me know and I can send that information to Digital Education.

The timescales for this work are:

  • I provide information to Digital Education by 23 July
  • High priority courses are migrated by the end of July
  • Migration of all courses is expected to be completed by the August Bank Holiday.

The course migration will be a gradual process, with several hundred courses migrated each day. So the new Moodle will be in a state of flux for a while - I will let you know when all our courses have been migrated and are ready for you to check and work on for the next academic year.

Finally, the existing Moodle (soon to be called 'legacy Moodle') will still be with us for some time for students doing Late Summer Assessments or programmes that run from Jan-Dec. Modules that commence from 1 August will use the new Moodle. There is no course reset process this year, as courses that are migrated will be reset as they are migrated.

There's a three minute video about this here:


and more detailed information here:


or you can contact me or moodle.migration@ucl.ac.uk if you have any questions about the process.

  Watch the briefing session

View a recording of the Moodle Migration Coordinator briefing session. You will need a UCL login to access this.

View the briefing

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