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To see what has recently gone live in UCL Moodle please take a look at the respective Release Notes.

Objective of the Moodle Roadmap

  • The Moodle Roadmap is an effort at more transparency and engagement on the direction and development of UCL Moodle.
  • The Moodle Roadmap will show the next twelve (12) months of the platforms development planning including standard security releases, platform updates and end user feature enhacements/requests.
  • This roadmap is intended to be a living document and will provides an active view into our internal roadmap, and will be updated on a weekly basis by the Moodle Service Owner.

N.B. Please note that because this is an "active" roadmap, deployment/delivery dates could be subject to short notice change and should not be regarded as a guaranted delivery date unless the line item has a "Approved for Deployment" status. This is because issues within the development cycle may cause items to be delayed or cancelled (e.g. if a feature fails one of its testing phases, if a feature requires additional development time/resource)

Status Terminology

  • Backlog: Work is in development lifecycle queue but no work has yet started
  • Active Development: A technical team member is actively working on the item, either code development, installation or other technical task
  • Technical Testing: The item is currently being technically tested.
  • User Testing: The item is currently being tested functionally by digital education team members and/or end users.
  • Development Complete: The item has been completed and is awaiting signoff by the ISD Service Owner and Service Operations Manager for deployment
  • Approved for Deployment: The item has been approved by the Service Owner and the Service Operations Manager to enter live service
  • Launched: The item has gone live and is now available to end users
  • On Hold: Items on hold have had an issue in the development cycle and have been put on hold for review or to allow the developers to deal with other items. An update to the notes will try to be added for further information
  • Review: Digital Education, technical teams and other UCL specialists are reviewing the request from pedagogic, technical, development, commercial, legal, DPO issues prior to allowing into the roadmap pipeline

January-March 2020

March-June 2020

  • Moodle Capacity Increased by x2 - Done
  • Course reset tool development - Deferred Q4 2020 / Q1 2021
  • Automate course request process - Deferred Q4 2020 / Q1 2021
  • 11th May 2020 - 3.7.6 (Moodle change freeze until Annual Upgrade) - Done
  • STACK - https://moodle.org/plugins/qtype_stack - Done
  • Investigate Video Assignment solution - Echo360 Integration Done

July-September 2020

  • Annual Moodle Upgrade (3.9  - 10th November 2020 1am-2am) - Done
  • Application Monitoring - Upgraded New Relic Done - Further insights still required deferred Q4 2020 / Q1 2021
  • Link Crawler (https://moodle.org/plugins/tool_crawler) - in progress
  • Moodle Minor release - 14th September 2020 - Done

October-December 2020

August 2020-August 2021 Project Proposals

  • Server capacity increase for September 2020 - Done
  • Make Moodle look good - Theme & Dashboard
  • MyFeedback
  • UCL plugins maintenance, data integrations maintenance & Load testing capability development

The Moodle Roadmap is an effort at transparency of the direction for UCL Moodle and the current timeframes we are working towards, it is not a guarantee that any of these features will be delivered either in those timeframes or at all - we may indeed find issues with these solutions preventing their launch.

The Moodle Roadmap is prioritised from proposals which come from:

All proposals will go through a stringent evaluation of educational benefit and technical maintainability, as a result of which proposals may be declined.

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