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Moodle guidance

These web pages provide guidance on good practice for a ‘baseline’ Moodle course, and offer some ideas and suggestions for developing an ‘enhanced’ course. They are intended to support staff in meeting the 'minimum requirements' for a Moodle course.

They are not intended to be prescriptive and should be viewed as a source of ideas which can be adapted to suit the needs of individual courses and disciplines. There are five sections covering:

  1. Course management
  2. Engaging students
  3. Online learning resources
  4. Online learning activities
  5. Assessment and feedback

Links to further information about Moodle tools are provided where appropriate.

The guidance provided is necessarily general and obviously there will need to be differences in approach for small classes and large classes. Provision of class materials (notes, slides, recordings) are appreciated by students whatever the cohort size. However the use of Moodle for activities may need more thought if you have a very large cohort. For instance, unless you are part of a large teaching team you may not be able to respond to every student query but you could consider asking them to answer each other’s questions, or you could split the students into groups to discuss a topic and ask them to summarise the discussion for the rest of the cohort. A quiz, if carefully designed, can be an effective way of providing formative feedback for large groups and can also be used for summative (credit-bearing) assessments. 

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