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There will be a new version of Moodle for the upcoming 2018/19 academic year

 Why are we doing this?

 What's changing?

 How will it impact me?

Transitioning to new Moodle 
The new Moodle (containing 2018/19 courses) and legacy Moodle (containing 2017/18 courses) will run in parallel until all academic processes associated with 2017/18 courses are complete.

During this time you will need to select new Moodle or legacy Moodle each time you log in.

 Which Moodle should I use?

 What happens to legacy Moodle?

 When this will happen?

More Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some common questions in our list of FAQs .

Information Sessions

Information and hands on sessions for staff are taking place from June through August.

Details of these can be found here: Information Sessions.

Moodle Resource Centre

Visit the Moodle Resource Centre for general information about Moodle at UCL.

Contact Us

If you have any general questions about the Moodle Improvement Project, please  contact us by email .

If you have questions about migration of content, please email moodle.migration@ucl.ac.uk


 Attend an Information Session

 09/07 - New Moodle is here!

  Watch the video!

Watch a short video about the Moodle Migration that is happening this summer.

Getting Ready

This section contains important information for staff

'Shell' courses have been created in New Moodle for all Academic Model Project codes.

Content will be migrated from legacy Moodle to new Moodle, using information supplied by departments.

You'll need to review your course once it has been migrated. Click the sections below to find out more...

There will be no Moodle archive in July 2018 - DO NOT RESET your course or delete student data from legacy Moodle.

1. New courses for 2018/19

2. Migrating course content

3. Reviewing and updating content

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